Mark Wojda: Genre is Dead (2010) Section

Genre is Dead was Genre Wheels last team video before we merged our two companies into the Denial name. Filmed and edited by Chris Majette (2011 Repost).

Mark Wojda

Music: Murder by Death – The dessert is on fire.

Genre is Dead (2010), More Media: John Bolino | Steve Iacono | Mark Wojda & Jon Jon Bolino: Unused Clips + Unused Montage | Trailer.

genre is dead

Previously: Create Originals: 2 Days, Custom Ride System Frame Testing with Mark Wojda (2013).

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  • travis stewart

    Was fire then. Is still fire now. First trick set it off right. I love spinning both ways, and using both feet like it doesn’t even matter.

  • the truth

    there are no haters because this is legit aggressive skating. hate comes when guys do little tricks and pretend they have style (cough CK cough), or pretend to be bad ass rap stars (cough JBah cough), or just flat out suck (cough Alf cough). hate comes when our sport is embarrassed (cough X Games Mini cough).

  • jay

    hate hate hate hate

    fuck you to all the haters

    what company is gonna be dead next????

    create originols???

  • Mike DeLise

    he is a fucking beast..

  • Anonymous

    @the truth over here, you can hate on CK but it only shows that you know nothing about rollerblading or it’s history.. what we should really worry about is that BRIAN ARAGON used RIHANNA in his game theory part.. WHAT THE HELL! he is one hell of a hammer machine, but i think it’s gone to his head.. he thinks his famous!!!

  • Anonymous

    Brians cocky because he knows that hes the only blader Andy just cant fire.

  • Tökös

    WOW, best section i’ve seen in last 5 years.

    I guess he is not a pro, because he is not an ass licker or a cheap bitch.

    If i was him, i wouldn’t accept a boot sponsor under 3000 USD/month.

    Mark, don’t sell out for shit, you worth a fortune mate!

    You deserve a lot more than 99% of pros get these days!

  • Anonymous

    something completely awkward about the way he rollerblades.

  • Anonymous

    @ Tökos… funny thing about boot sponsors is that none of them – exept Valo as far as i know – only pays three numbers for their proskaters. If you want money, powerslide is the worst choise

  • bballog

    holy fuck! that was insane. best ao topsoul in the game. mindblowing how many hams got dropped.

  • ED

    What awkward… yeah, Wojda…. that edit was wack come back with style like Colin Kelso and then maybe you should be pro….. joking aside, one of the most amazing edits.

  • Anonymous

    why did he switch for usd anyways ?
    remz was totally his thing.

  • guam

    do not go to a kentucky street comp and expect to win when u kno this guy is competing. it just isnt happening.

    mark is a beast and a pretty chill dude from what ive seen. even when hes “meesin around” he still laces shit u couldnt do

  • antonio

    this was gay, I do this with a snowboard, every morning, even in summer after breakfeast you faggot, go and fucking marry your boyfriend hanna montana swagger faggot asshole, whatch the dope oli short sections tony hawk

  • antonio

    p.s. bycicle pro damn!!!

  • oli short

    thanks for the support antonio, I hate mark wodka 2 bro, I hope he gets pro for SSM, we got the new TUMOR plate for the japan section, cheers

  • chris haffey

    why does the sky turn black in the night? dude, damn

  • brian aragon

    check out my new SSM pro skate, tumor edition, ground control pro frame, razors liner

  • gabriel hyden

    Wheres my guitar? SSM PRO BOB DYLAN KENDAMA COMING SOON, love you oli

  • Roberts Pundurs

    OMG! Never seen this section. Insane!

  • Jimmy Andersson

    This dude is so damn good, He should be promoted more bay his sponsors.