Lunch Dvd: Online Sections

Mike Dempsey

Mike Dempsey

Rocky Mountain Fun

John Lyke

Super 8

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31 Responses to “Lunch Dvd: Online Sections”

  1. bsiberico Says:

    first pic = fail.

  2. mousley Says:

    Mike’s section was dope.

  3. Yeah Says:

    SICK! Don’t even know why they aren’t on a team as a pro skater.

  4. silvstr Says:

    you guys rock! make me want to skate now… but i have skool * i’ve been forsaken

  5. Anonymous Says:

    OMG……these guys are amazing. Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick SICK!!!!!

  6. Andrew Bonter Says:

    John Lyke made me piss my pants.
    now I have to leave work covered in piss, but it was worth it.


  7. Chad Says:

    Holy balls. Lyke is a beast and can’t wait to see more from him. Steez. Nice work fellas.

  8. fiddykenth Says:

    oh shit mikes last trick are you kidding me????!!!!!

  9. SODERBURG Says:

    mike dempsey is the shit!!!!

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. Brett Hammond Says:

    Both sections were so good. The last zero spin in Lyke’s section was massive.

  12. Russ Says:

    Dempsey is the man so damm ill

  13. Alex Rudolf Says:

    wow!!! amazing!!!!!

  14. Danny Castillo Says:

    That was straight bananas and watermelons. I can’t wait to see more from these guys.

  15. kboos Says:

    wtf, both sections were ill as fuck with never seen before tricks. I specially liked JOhn’s section because the watermelon thing throughout the section made it really funny and the tricks were great. Anayways, everything is off the hook with quality filming, haven’t written a comment that long in a while.

  16. will J Says:

    We should have to pay to witness this… That last zero spin gap was insane. Dempsey and Lyke are on anime air gear levels of skating..

  17. Russ Says:

    just watched Lyke’s section and that was amazing that last zero spin was massive

  18. ryan Says:

    so juiced for this!!!!

  19. maeki Says:

    you guys are rad !
    you deserve nothin but luv

  20. steven Says:

    what is the song in john lykes section????????? damn this video is going to be bananas and watermelons= FUCKING EPICCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. jon Says:

    that water melon dude… wowzas

  22. Jordan Williams Says:

    damn that was soo good! mike and john fucking own

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome sections so sick… Johns section subliminal message at 2:03 i cant seem to get it, haha you bastards!

  24. soul skater braaaah Says:

    fucking awesome, john lyke’s section was one of my favorite ones in a while. there has been all this talk lately about rollernews edits not having replay value… clearly not true in this case. thank you for putting this onlineu

  25. Cary Thomas Says:

    sick sick sick. i cant believe i have never heard of these guys!

  26. Chutney Says:

    What a waste of fruit.

  27. 4114N Says:

    NICE, and a nice music choice

  28. joe harvey Says:

    john lyke= wtf i wanna meet and skate with this dude

  29. Luna REMZ~ Says:

    Fuck Yeah MIKE!! Ct in the House
    Snowman Power loved the section Good Spots an song filmed clean! WORD SON
    Last trick WTF!

  30. NathanC From NC Says:

    John Lyke is a new favorite. I hope this section is doing things for him in the industry.

  31. RalphyV Says:

    Hahahaha ! Like The Subliminal Message Ride Or Die :D