Lost in TranslAsian Tour In Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with Soichiro Kanashima and Jon Julio

Lost in TranslAsian Tour In Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with Soichiro Kanashima and Jon Julio

Valo, Lost in Transl-asian Tour 2014 (photos & flyer).

Lost in TranslAsian Tour

KIA World Extreme Games 2014: Results | More Media.

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  • Anonymous

    Asia skaters are so god damn stylish!

  • Kurt Fathul

    Malaysia…. Truly Asia!

  • Dustin

    good to see so many things going on in Asia! looks like blading is taking off again there!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck… jon julio is so god damn awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Who would ever know that is some random part of the world there is such a strong blading community. Stronger than even parts of California.

    That is true shop with true culture :D Dang jealous !!!

  • Anonymous

    ^They have a thriving economy, unlike ours right now. U know our government spent half a billion dollars on four state websites for Obamacare and they just have to scrap them and start over again because they don’t even work? yeah….

    nice video! Glad to see that business is booming somewhere in the world.

  • Anonymous

    ^ wurd I swear I honestly was talking about opening up a skate shop in LA somewhere… just small spot like the one in this video. Where people can chill and buy gear and create a good vibe.

    The reality of the numbers though where terrible. I would have to sell like 1000 skates a year just to barley make it.

    Doesn’t sound to crazy but I don’t even think there are 1000 skaters in California ! haha

  • Anonymous

    Valo, the only brand which try to make “live” our culture, human relationship are so rare in our FB/MSN/Twitter… world.
    Propaganda tour ! +1