Maxime Genoud: Long Jump in the center of Lausanne

maxime genoud

Diego Luppi & Maxime Genoud doing some really long jump in the center of Lausanne for a demonstration. Filmed by Florian Rumo, Edited by Maxime Genoud.

More Footage of the Event.

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24 Responses to “Maxime Genoud: Long Jump in the center of Lausanne”

  1. Clemounet Says:

    FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT ! Et puis ça m’a tout l’air d’être du DIY ces modules. Go LSNR go !

  2. Lanfeust Says:

    OH FUCK !!!!! Ca défonce !

  3. Chris Duke Says:

    Holy shit that was insane!

  4. pom Says:

    huge. muthafucken huge

  5. maxcortes Says:

    that flatspin 540 looked sooo sick! no doubt one of the top ten tricks i´ve seen!

  6. Go france for once Says:

    See that…. the french need to stick to this fly shit, not sketchy no grab spins to sketchy style grinds

  7. felix Says:

    I like that! Inline flatspin like big air in skiing but without the snow to bail! crazy stuff!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I think rollerblading is ready for the mega ramp!! In fact, I think that would blow it open for everyone to see how dope it is. And we need stylish kids like this as well as all the Euro-huckers, to show the best tricks and styles. Can’t wait to see that part of blading take off. It just sucks that at the one event we’re invited to (Asian X), we’re still not invited to take part in the “mini mega ramp” competition, only the bikers and skateboarders are. Give it 5 years…Haffey will be able to compete on the mega ramp, not just do shows on it! :O

  9. Anonymous Says:

    fuck yeah that was so steezed!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    great job promoting the sport. the U.S. demonstartes how to tap a wall after jumping 3 steps and wonders why the sport is dying in the U.S. big tricks ftmfw

  11. Mike H. Says:


  12. Hans h Says:

    huge backflip 180. bigger than the xgames mega ramp hahjahahaha

    spread this shit around

  13. Truth Says:

    FUCK YEAH! THIS IS WHAT ROLLERBLADING NEEDS! Fuck the WRS, we need to put rolling out in the street and tell the boarders or any other fuck, the simple phrase: “Oh, so Rollerblading is gay right? You wanna take a shot at this? be my guest!”

    This is what needs to be done! Do public presentations and show the power of rollerblading, that will sure help change the public opinion about rollerblading. This is the kinda shit that´s 1 zillion times more important than who is the WRS champion or whatever wack shit you young fucks are into these days.

    Great Job, I´m speechless!

  14. Truth Says:

    Oh and FUCK THE X-GAMES too by the way, Fuck ESPN and whoever used us for profit and then tossed us away. FUCK EM!

  15. wtf Says:

    that takes some huge balls…probably bigger one’s than the length of that jump!

  16. Chris Says:

    This is what rollerblading needs right now.. perfect stuff! Shows how crazy it’s got!!! more! more!

  17. Bob Says:

    Blading is more than ready for the first half(50ft box jump) of the “MEGA RAMP”… it’s the second half(20ft quarter pipe) that most bladers have no clue at executing, so until we get more Yasutoko level skaters we won’t see them doing contests on the ENTIRE mega ramp anytime soon.

  18. ivanSuarez Says:

    se les va la hoya that was fuckin’ maddddddddddddddd!

  19. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Gaaaa dayyyum……that was ridiculous!
    Scary just to watch. Major props Maxime.

  20. huevos de diamante Says:

    icredible amazing shiet!

  21. DougieK Says:

    omg their pants….i mean…..flips are gay….i mean

    fucking awesome!

  22. Ash Says:

    And it’s Switzerland, not France :)

  23. SK Says:

    Awesome, Itought firstly it’s was a fish eye effect.

  24. Skatepark HS36 Says:

    Hey Guys! Lausanne’s back, we have a new generation of great riders, they do downhill, bowl riding, halpipe, street and BIG AIRs like no one else! See you this september at the 4th Lausanne’s Street Bowl Contest for some huge rails, terrific bowl riding and a downhill contest for you ALL!

    Love from Lausanne!