Life Plus: Disk #5 (Full Video)

life plus

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  • Jack Nephew

    Math heiiiiiiiiii!

  • Anonymous

    The freeform at 22:35 is one of my favorite part of all time. You can litterally feel the “cool cali vibe”

  • Scott_Nairn

    one of the best dvds i own. has so much bonus content as well, its incredible!

  • Juan Mosqueda

    LIFE + was so RAD!! I miss it!!

  • d brane

    amazing dvd. Deshi section and anders-wee forest sessions are amazing

  • wow

    Top Quality video magazine, shame they don’t do one like this now every month or so, would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Kell McKENZIE section song?

  • azzik…weeee!

    AZZIKWEE is a joke/buster, dude is a lame for sure….. gay ass fool lookin all goofy and sh!t with his dirty ass hair. thanks for all you’ve taken from the industry in years past fake ass….. i consider him (A.W.) one of the heads who has really hurt our prized love (Rollerblading) i like that old film where he does a wall ride from a quarter and his your way back in he clips and slams his face!!! LOL you suck MR ANDERSON!!!!

  • Fred Castro

    this was a good video all around, we need more stuff like VG and LIFEPLUS.

    thanks uploader!


  • Anonymous

    what year did this come out

  • murphDAWG

    i met brian murphy once at a contest and i told him how much i liked his skating and that i thought he was a cool dude. i always thought he’d be a positive responsive person. quite the opposite, he looked at me like i wasn’t serious then he skated away after saying “thanks” like a jerk would. very suprised, you never expect that to happen, especially when its someone you always wanted to meet. but his disaster soul was sick on that down rail. KUDOS to the taco sauce maker.

  • andreas542

    Yay! Love this vid! Why the hell is it not available for download though?!


    arlo in baggys.gotta love it……………………….wish there was videos like this still what a great vibe.

  • bring back life +

    bring it back yall

  • John

    Check out the footagetape website “Wow”. Their webisodes are like Life + with their introductions, but also have a VG vibe as well. All in all footagetape webisodes are pretty unique, but very entertaining and very true to the spirit of rollerblading. Dude hatin’ on Azwikee is weird. What a random dude to hate on. Able frames pretty much sucked, but I liked the clothing designs. Whatever, it’s rollerblading, we’re not gonna be totally in love with every company, but I thought we understood that anyone going out doing their own thing was a GOOD thing. And murphDAWG I have skated with Brian Murphy a few times (I’m from the Detroit area myself). I’m pretty sure he’s just a quiet dude. I mean what did you want him to do after you told him you thought he was a cool dude? “Oh man thank you so much. Nobody has ever complimented me before! Do you wanna hang out and skate some time?”

  • murphDAWG

    figured he’d be a responsive dude. i met him and was proven wrong. not a big deal. thought i’d add my 2 on this throwback LIFE+ classic. maybe i just need to move to detroit and become as good of friends with him as you are apparently. you seem passive just like him. whats the deal with the “D”?

  • Urbn^nja

    I love the title of this series. So core to rolling. Life plus :D