Life+ Issue 1: Full Video

First Issue of the legendary rollerblading video-magazine made by Drew Bachrach and Arlo Eisenberg. Circa 2001.

life plus

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  • Dion

    Cool one. I remember at the time, I somehow felt like Rob Thompson section represented the perfection in rollerblading. :)
    Nice to watch it again.

  • true

    rob thomson …. the best !!!!!

  • psykoesis

    hahahaaahahha, 36:56 was when BJ and Drew Stayed in Omaha, Ne and we took them to 244 rail, blast from the past much? Great to see myself when I was still in my twenties ;)

  • Sean Michaelson

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure arlo didn’t have anything to do with life plus until the last couple issues.

    Life plus was started by drew and cory casey. And then they recruited V and james reetzke. Arlo just hosted a couple issues when they changed the format of the mag

  • moliner

    best fucking video ever!

  • moliner

    fuck yea! mike sinnott clips too.

  • Allo

    Yep ROb Thompson the “Macaulay Culkin” of rollerblading.

  • Bob_Sled

    That was some really clean skating.

  • sputnik

    Rob T = Mac Culkin made me laugh out loud. and then I was rolling on the floor laughing.

    Will Gordon was/is the illest feather blader of all time. So effortless.

  • sputnik

    Sean is spot on. Arlo was just the host on the last couple of issues.

    Whoever uploaded this, I salute you. People need to see these. Issue 2 has Brandon Campbell’s section and it’s one of the best I’ve seen. Get ready to get an education young bucks.

  • asfd

    life+ was awesome and so refreshing to the scene. and yeah issue 2’s Bcam section was sooo good.

  • AZ

    THIS is a video of Rollerblading.

  • sean michaelson

    yea, life plus was so ill, way beyond its time, in a perfect world, it would still be around, but it would be a tv show

  • adobsnc

    where is the will g section at?

  • lightpusher


  • Red

    Takes me back. Wayyyy back!

  • Rob Zbranek

    Damn, remember when this first dropped! V3000 was all about his business when he was called upon to film for this! We need more shit like this NOW!