Life+ 4 Freeform ft. Alex broskow, Dre Powell Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso, Chris Cheschire & Pals

July 2010 Repost.

Life Plus

This is the Free Form section produced for Life Plus TV Issue #4. Videography, editing and music production by James Reetzke.

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  • insane

    i have never seen a cess (not sure if that is right spelling or whatever) slide like that!

  • thebaldblader

    yeah those last few cess slides were absolutely ridiculous!

  • horny

    that was mad chill

  • firth

    everytime a life+ edit comes up i remember why i love rollerblading. such good variety of skating and sick tricks. think its also because of capturing sessions too. just love it

  • Addicted

    wowwww, those chess slides !! pff

  • Addicted

    Alex Broskow and Dre Powelllll……… Skillszzz

  • magnum

    too much style and freedom!

    does anyone know the title of the amazing track music?

    thanks guys!

  • DougieK

    Still one of my favorite DVDs. The heinnemann section was nuts as well

  • igi

    music – audio – gams piano

  • water

    damn Dre killed it with the cesslides at the end.

  • roller89

    fukn sick, people need to start skating like this again

  • etoth

    YEEAAAH! dre is the CESS-SLIDE-STYLER at the end!

  • Ramos

    Really nice! I’m agree with you roller89 ;)

  • Paul

    Hey Magnum James Reetzke made that track himself…Pretty sure you could find it on under the music section. Life + WOOT WOOT

  • niggaz be hatin

    forgot how innovative dre once was

  • darin

    I want to see Shima VS. Feinberg, I bet thats epic!

  • asdfghjkl
  • DarthRoller

    darin, that footage of Shima v Feinberg is here:

    Oh and you’re right, it IS epic.

  • natrona

    i love watching the kc crew killing it in columbia MO!

  • sk8rs_s0uL

    ive never seen this dvd mag. looks insane….skating has made a name for itself and this is why..that was alot of skating from alot of people that may or may not be around anymore but thats a crazy way of remembering them…..hammers left and right. amazing

  • ::{BMF} Dave


  • very nice

    this was one of my favorite sections from this life plus. James reetzke always comes through with the best edits, I swear.

  • rollerdud

    exclusive cess slide there! I was actually like wtf did he have a car tow on that?!

  • ok

    i wish rollerblading was like this still style wise now everybody look like cross dressers

  • Anonymous

    rollerblading sucks now

  • the real

    how good are kurt newman and dre’s tricks

  • Deubeul

    DougieK Says:
    July 11th, 2010 at 11:43 am
    Still one of my favorite DVDs. The heinnemann section was nuts as well

    That was in Life+ 4 ;-)