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Chris Haffey / Fabiola da Silva
up : Chris Haffey / Fabiola da Silva

Paris, France – September 2, 2006
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Gay Paree Inline Street
Inline Street Prelims Recap

It was the American, 2005 LG Action Sports World Champion, Chris Haffey, who came out and stole the show in his second run.

A 900 over the launch box then went on to true mizou down the rail and a disaster soul down the rail box. He had the most consistent run with the best variety of tricks. We are looking forward to the finals tomorrow when we will see if Chris Haffey can take the gold.

Read the Article by Mike Opalek

Inline Street Prelims Results

1. Chris Haffey
2. Patrick Sutnen
3. Mathias Silhan
4. Nicolas Schopfer
5. Stephan De Freitas
6. Steven Aleil
7. Oli Short
8. Stephane Alfano
9. Chaz Sands
10. Warren Digne
11. Franky Morales
12. Bruno Lowe
13. Joey Egan
14. Sven Boekhorst
15. Randy Abels
16. Anderson Germano da Silva
17. Ilia Koutchakov
18. Anne Adrien
19. Stephane Luchie
20. Roman Abrate
21. Michael Buscaino
22. Laurent Calame

Inline In-Seine !
Inline Vert Prelims Recap

As the LG Action Sports World Tour moves south from Berlin to Paris, we find ourselves drinking over-priced coffee and questioning our existence. France is a country of rollers and as such, they are very proud of their inline heroes : Lamine Fathi, Nicolas Mougin and, of course, the indefatigable Taïg Khris, who announced on the morning of vert prelims that he has invented a new super-secret trick.

Would he throw it? “If I do a good first run,” said Taig. “Then I will do it on the first wall in my second run!”

Read the Mike Opalek Article

Anf id you want to see that that “super new tricks” of Taig Kris, check this post, there is a video showing it.

This new trick is called Borderline and basically a double backflip 540, with a 360 in the first backflip and then a 180 at the end of the 2nd backflip (thanks Rahan).

Inline Vert Prelims Results

1. Marc Englehart
2. Shane Yost
3. Takeshi Yasutoko
4. Taïg Khris
5. Kevin Marron Lopez
6. Sven Boekhorst
7. Nel Martin
8. Cesar Mora
9. Borja Fernandez
10. Nicolas Mougin
11. Patrick Zimmermann
12. Fabiola da Silva
13. Patrick Sutnen
14. Rich Parker
15. Richard Sedlar
16. Lamine Fathi
17. Benjamin Drescher

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  • bivol mihai


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  • dar

    morales is the best style rider

  • Johnny5

    haffey is a machine
    he will just seek and destroy

  • mushroom

    that is prelims only…

  • ryan

    les bon français sont encore dans la place sa fais plaisir !!!! bravoooo

  • DuvalRoller22

    You notice haffey is wearing the FM remz!

  • DuvalRoller22

    You notice haffey is wearing the FM remz!

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  • qcsky

    noticed fabiola is wearing VALO

  • Hofx america.

    What’s the De Santi??????????