Nass 2006, LG Action Sports (Birmingham) Finals : Results + Clip

fabiola da silva / wilfried rossignol

Stop number two of the LG Action Sports World Tour landed in Birmingham England and blew the roof off of the NEC arena and the annual NASS (National Adventure Sport Show)) event. This weekend was filled with a major competition upset, the return of reigning and past LG Action Sports World Champions, and a special visit from two action sports icons/legends.

Erik Bailey 1st place for the street contest, Shane Yost 1st place for the vert contest !

Anarchy in the UK
Inline Street Finals Recap

With about 27 competitors coming from all over the world, notables include Bruno Lowe, Chaz Sands Nicolas Schopfer, Oli Short, Cassimo Tassone, Eric Bailey, Wilfried Rossignol and Mathias Silhan to name just a few.

Just before the event there was a video dedicated to the memory of Richard Taylor. It was a great piece about 3 minutes long with some footage of him skating and hanging out throughout the years. There is also a Richard Taylor Memorial booth selling T-shirts and memorial patches to help raise money for the skatepark they will be building in his name. Richard, a former pro street skater died in an accident in August 2004. […]

Read the full article by Mike Opalek

Inline Street Finals
Birmingham, England – July 30, 2006

1. Erik Bailey
2. Wilfried Rossignol
3. Sven Boekhorst
4. Mathias Silhan
5. Stephan De Freitas
6. Chaz Sands

Watch the full street results here

Autralian Victory ! Shane Yost Breaks the Yasutoko Streak
Inline Vert Finals Recap

The last time somebody topped a Yasutoko was Gravity Games 2002, when Marc Englehart had the run of his life. It was an example of what can happen when preparation meets opportunity. On July 29, 2006, opportunity arose once again, and once again, somebody was prepared.

Birmingham, England, where the beer is cheap and the women are delicious . . . Or is it the other way around? We’re here for the LG Action Sports World Tour stop #2, a stop which, as it turns out, will go down in history. […]

Read the Full Article by Mike Opalek

Inline Vert Finals
Birmingham, England – July 29, 2006

1. Shane Yost
2. Takeshi Yasutoko
3. Sven Boekhorst
4. Eito Yasutoko
5. Nel Martin
6. Kevin Marron Lopez

Watch the full vert results here

Erik Bailey

^ Eric Bailey takes the first place – Street Finals

Download the videoclip | source

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  • CTroller

    clip didn’t even show baily’s entire run :-(

  • Jordan_Mowat

    that back royale was sick! thats the 2nd year hes won it then! was haffey not there? i thought they were gona have more pros there like stephane alfano and aragon who r both sick at park

  • koubis

    Alfano was there, he got the 18th place unfortunately

  • marko

    that royale was sick!!
    what was wrong with alfano?

  • titch

    bailey owns

  • ice

    dat back side was rubish man if they were da highlights of his run id h8 2 c ne more dats not worthy of a pro

  • celadoor

    you couldnt do shit on that…and ywah,your name sounds as wank as your attitude

  • mushroom

    i will post an edit soon…all skaters that deserved to be shown…girls especially!

  • barouni

    Sagat quand-est-ce que tu le laves Bailey!!!!

  • petey

    er andy crichlow is the SHITST COMMENTATER EVER he doesnt even know the names of tricks :( same with dave bell :@ hate them to there in rollerbing for the money wich there is not much so there dumb

  • http://rollernews Mike T

    That BS royale was the shit! Full of speed and style. That is how a run should be, fast paced.

    That was a Valo edit and they are like mini trailors for their new vid! So of course they ain’t gona show you the whole run.

  • George Amos

    Why did Cosi get kicked out?

  • Jim Jones

    Haffey, Shima and Frankie couldn’t be there because they’re busy in asia right now. Where they at now, Taiwan still?

  • mushroom

    PETEY ur a fucking idiot…andy is the sickest MC ever! who gives a crap if he doesnt know the name of the tricks? the skaters know em, the judges know em, the croud prolly knows em and the one that doesnt prolly still chear if the speaker says “fishbrain” or “acid” they dont give a crap!
    and for david bell…same shit he is the only one that trys to make inline grow in the UK! so please…F*** out of here loser!

    George, i didnt here anything about cosi getting kicked out…i just heard he wasnt well…dunno! weird stuff.

  • SR

    i think that andy could have been saying “double switch” rather than the switch up names 1. for simpliciy and time. 2. because nass streched across many extreme sports ie there could be bmxers, boarders of even none of these watching.

    ive got 2 HD tapes full of footage from the even so im gonna get sorting throguh that shit for an edit / edits. congrats to bailey his run was sick.

  • Oneone1Onezero0

    In all fairness, most of us wouldn’t know if Bailey’s run was sick.

  • SR

    what you mean? baileys runs were flawless.. just watche dbakc the footage and he is fucking nuts on the old rollerboots.

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