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chris haffey fallon heffernan
Up : left: Chris Haffey. Right : Fallon Heffernan.

Berlin, Germany – August 27, 2006

Inline Street Finals Recap

Nicolas Schopfer was our king of the street today. The Swiss skater had the cleanest run out of everyone. His highlights included a 360, negative makio down the ledge, acid soul and a 270 backside farfegnugen.

The 19 year old is stoked to say the least, capturing his first victory of the season. Read the full article.

Street Results :

Men Results

1. Nicolas Schopfer
2. Sven Boekhorst
3. Chris Haffey
4. Steven Aleil
5. Joey Egan
6. Carlos Pianowski
7. Anderson Germano da Silva
8. Marek Doniek
9. Chaz Sands
10. Patrick Sutnen
11. Randy Abels
12. Stephan De Freitas
13. Wilfried Rossignol

Women Results :

1. Fallon Heffernan
2. Katie Ketchum
3. Martina Svobodova
4. Fabiola da Silva

Inline Vert Finals Recap

I’m in Berlin. It’s pretty sweet here. Lots of history and cool architecture everywhere. I mean, just 17 years ago, the Scorpions’ power ballad “Wings Of Change” was the soundtrack as the wall came down and history was made.

History was made again today, and this time, the soundtrack was Guns and Roses’ Night Train (as requested by Shane Yost and played by super-DJ Pat Sweeney). Read the full article

Vert Results :

1. Shane Yost
2. Marc Englehart
3. Takeshi Yasutoko
4. Sven Boekhorst
5. Cesar Mora
6. Fabiola da Silva
7. Richard Sedlar
8. Kevin Marron Lopez
9. Nel Martin
10. Patrick Zimmermann
11. Rich Parker
12. Borja Fernandez
13. Nicolas Mougin
14. Patrick Sutnen
15. Eito Yasutoko
16. Benjamin Drescher

Martina Svobodova Katie Ketchum

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  • ass

    whats the deal with haffey not winning and yasutokos not winning??

  • George Amos

    Holy shiiiiit!! Nick Shopfer is definately my favourite fungi!!

  • Gumby

    Damn eito came 15th O.o

  • barouni

    putain sagat…

  • usdskater

    no alfano?

  • bivol mihai

    congratz nico

  • mushroom

    haha thanks george!!!

    thanks everyone!

  • w

    notice the asa only has one stop here in america………………
    the asa paid for haffey’s plane ticket and hotel rooms just so he would show up and make them look better. they have ruined their image with the american skaters and now are trying to make their money by scaming the rest of the world. I saw footage of the event (not filmed by the asa) and the only reason haffey got 3rd is he stumbled on one trick but the rest of his run was way sicker than anyone else there.

    please support the IMYTA and RFCC not the asa.

  • Jim Jones

    Nicolas Schopfer was our king of the street today. The Swiss skater had the cleanest run out of everyone. His highlights included a 360, negative makio down the ledge, acid soul and a 270 backside farfegnugen

    Wait, so he did just a 360, no grind afterward? I could do all those tricks. These comps are a damn joke. like W said, support IMYTA and RFCC, not this shite.

  • bivol mihai

    haters shut the hell up

    nico is the man

  • w

    we are not talking shit about nico just the asa. All you have to do to win is a bunch of sole grinds and 360s and stay on your feet to win. This pervents skaters from doing larger stunts because they will loose points if stumble.
    I worked for them from 98 to 2001 as a director and a pro tour judge. The whole time i fought for a better format that forgives small stumbles so we can see people try 540s to grinds. The people who own it do not skate and don’t understand that sometimes your foot will drag after doing a grind to a 10 foot drop.

  • killgore

    asa = weak… fuck’em

  • mushroom

    dont worry mihai they are not worth it….

    and for my defense…my 360 was sweeeetness! mouahahaha

  • Matt

    Yeaaaah go shane, such a nice guy too. he deserves to win that shit

  • skatayann

    il bouffe trop de riz ce con.

    joli mais Jeff roule mieux que toi de toute facon.


  • Piu

    f crackers Nico skates real good and that’s how this contest is…take it as such….he stayed on his feet while others didnt so ptuiiiii bastardos

  • tom

    well if you actually goto the events its jon julio and others judging so its julio decision not the asa

  • paulinho

    andersoooon paguaaa….representanoo sjc…Brasil \o/
    akelee abraaaço

    bye bye.

  • Z

    Some people are so ignorant. If we only support the RFCC and other street comps, keeping the sport underground…we aren’t going to have skates in a few years. The ASA is putting money in professional skaters’ pockets who are only making a few hundred a month from their sponsors. Yeah, that’s right…you would be shocked to know how little Chris Haffey, Frankie, and Stockwell make from skate companies. It’s unbelievably low. Not enough to move out of your parents homes, that’s for sure. Jeff lived with his mom until he was 20..and he still might live with her. And the ASA did not pay for Haffey to come. He paid his own way. So that was a bold uneducated statement. I’m remaining anonymous because there are so many haters on this web-site making posts. The bottom line is that ASA brings us tv time, prize money, and corporate sponsorships. Watch our industry die even more so than it already has by not supporting everything that rollerblading has to offer.

  • Z

    Not only that…it exposes rollerblading to crowds of people. It’d be nice if people would decide to buy skates after watching us on tv instead of a skateboard.