Levi van Rijn (14): 2012 Street Profile by Thijs Tel

14 Year old Levi van Rijn is one of the young upcoming skaters from the Netherlands, based in the small city of Katwijk.

He is starting to make a name for himself in the Dutch scene, and skated his first international competition earlier this month at Shred Cologne, Germany.

We’ve been filming over the span of the late summer, resulting in his first street profile. Keep your eyes on him.Thijs Tel.

Secondary Cameras: Jack van der Plas, Rik van Huik, Koen van Rijn.
Song: The Who – My Generation (Original Mono). Thanks Survivor (forums).

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  • ronin

    Roadhouse style !

  • Kakulo

    he’ll be good!



  • Anonymous

    i cant believe that you put that on rollernews that sucks really , i usualy like kids that skates but this one have no style , jump on foot at a time and i skates really slow

  • Anonymous

    Haha dude, go home and pump some grammar in your head, the only thing that sucks is your english

  • jesus christ

    little fucking bad ass. refreshing to see some youth on the right path

  • Anonymous

    you call that a bad ass lol i will make a video in a week and it will destroy this little shit and im only a year older than him

  • Vetty

    A year older but still not grown up enough to call someone out and use your name.
    I’m sure in a year’s time Levi will make a video in a week and it will destroy this edit too.
    The difference is we already know this kids name and you’re not even man enough to use yours.
    And yes, that drop rail with the bike/tree landing was badass for any 14 year old.
    Sick Levi, looking forward to seeing what’s next

  • Marnix Mossel Haak

    Heet as FUCK.
    Kan niet wachten op de volgende street edit.

  • http://www.provokerolling.com proVoke rolling

    That was really good. Can’t wait to see more from him.

  • OhmyGosh

    Keep it up Levi!!!
    Roadhouse 2.0 :)