Levi and Joep do Paris dutch style (2015)

A few weeks ago Levi Van Rijn and I were talking about making a profile and since i am living in Paris for a while why not visit this city with endless spots.Cavin Brinkman.

Levi and Joep do Paris dutch style (2015)

Levi was down for the plan and asked if it was okay if Joep van den Beuken (from Venlo) could join. I didn’t knew Joep really so i said “only if he produces clips”. Levi promised me he would.

So a bus got booked, a fouled up bike got borrowed (and sadly also stolen) and the 2 boys where of on a adventure to the city of love. Skaters that have filmed with me in the past know i don’t fool around when i want clips so the boys where in for a surprise. For weeks i was already sending them photos of spots i found.

Little did they know that all the best spots in Paris are located in the sometimes ghetto suburbs and that we had to bike a lot. The first two days the temperatures went up to sometimes 38 degrees but the fire poles where open so on every street corner there was a cold shower.

Also featuring Elliot Amour. Shot half on a iphone 5 and half with a sony HDR-FX1E.
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  • maxime

    this edits smells like shit, poor tricks, you’re better at destroying bike than skating fucking retards

  • Joey

    I actually enjoyed it, fun to watch

  • Billy Prislin

    With maxime, couldn’t be more lame.

  • fuckthisshit

    no style at all
    please stop posting this kind of bad edits

  • Trueroller

    Look its cool to have fun Rollerblading with your friends. But when your tricks are all on tiny obstacles with absolutely no style its better to just keep it among friends. Cheers.

  • http://www.cavin035.tumblr.com Cavin.b

    okay we are sorry and we willl stop filming tricks. matter of fact we will stop rolerblading at all. ahahaha losers this is why i love rolernews the comments.

  • Ralf Resuk

    You guys are having way to much fun in this edit. I hate it, because i sit at home in my moms living room hating on rollernews because I am a shit skater.

  • fuckmaxime

    maxime your mom smells like shit, dickhead!

  • Kaig Thris

    Biking in Paris, skating in the suburbs. That’s the life!