Leo Oppenheim: Seba Powerblading, Cabin5150 Edit

Leo Oppenheim: Seba Powerblading, Cabin5150 Edit

Camera / Director of Photography: Mat Boyd. Camera 2: James Asquith. Audio: Elliot White. Additional footage: Sam Cooper. Director / Editor: John Marques. Visit Cabin5150.com.

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    United Kingdom
    Come on seba
    Dis Dick
    Ben Shelbourne
    Go Away
    Kate Egan – Fake

    I don’t think you’ve even a right to comment. Where are your edits?

    Maybe you should actually go out and practice some skating.

  • http://urbanlines.net Duncan Clarke


    And yes Leo’s edit is embarrassingly bad.. Leo is better than that (both as a skater and as a person). Powerblading is just a renaming of Freeskating. Both are alternatives to what we do, not a progression. I don’t even think this edit represents Freeskating. The producer was under the misapprehension that we are still in 1998 watching Brink (which was shit even then).

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    This is Seba. CJ Wellsmore.https://vimeo.com/33392030

  • Anonymous

    Offer constructive criticism or offer some support but don’t act like you’ve just watched a video of the guy fucking your mum and give rollerblading a worse reputation than any video ever could. There are a few prizes ready I’m sure for the drama queens on here. ‘OMG I’m never skating again because i watched a video. FML’.

    To read some of you bitch and whine…you’re worse than organised religion. Is there a rollerblade bible? Some kind of commandments? Starting with something idiotic like ‘thou shall not talk to a rec skater because they’re giving your ‘sport’ a bad image and clearly not a human being’? Should we all start killing each other based on which skates we buy and how we like to use them?

    It’s fucking rollerblading, not a world changing technological invention/innovation. We all love to skate, I’m sure, so why bother adding aggravation to it, why bother forming little cliques and cutting yourselves off?

    Seems stupid, all this fuss about something so inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. Skate how you want to skate and let other people skate how they want to skate and stop acting like you’re trying to win an Oscar.

  • people with their opinion

    slalom style with slalom style,aggressive inline skate with their own style,don’t mix that style,congrats SEBA you make aggressive inline skate looks terrible

  • Anonymous

    I have brand new SEBA liners. I’m willing to sell them for $90usd

  • kaspaaaahhh

    Offer constructive criticism
    no need for details !

  • Molly

    This edit really doesn’t do leo justice at all. He is one of the best locals at Rampworx Skatepark and has REALLY big tricks that aren’t even in this edit. This is a powerblading edit. As it says in the title. Not seba aggressive skating. He works every single day getting as many people as he can into the sport, and he will come for a skate, but end up helping as many people as he can land/learn something new.

  • donshishi

    i love it. powerblading is an increadible thing. it bring me in the 90`s and that without delaurean. on honestly. i mean it s like if skateboarder goes to plastic board and do some slalom or some freestyle…. but the best part of all that is the industrie on rollerblading. take the base of the inline skating rebuild the material that we unfortunatly used until the Majestic and sell it as a revolution is amaz me. o0 and some hipster can find cool to be take for an asshole. good maybe instead make some usless concep a real revolution for some brand should be a good idea.

  • Anon

    I bet this guy also has a unicycle and juggling balls.

  • Anonymous

    good lord this was horrible.

  • Anonymous

    leo obv loves himself. he is rarely caught skating with a top on.

  • Dull

    I’m more surprised that know one seems to mod the continuous homophobia spouted on here. Opem minded an intelligent debate? Unlikely

  • Dull

    Open minded and Intelligent *typo

  • Anonymous

    This just came off as a prentious piece of shit edit.

    The intro was too long, the monologue was unecessary, the music was too dramatic and the trick editing/continuity was off.

    The actual skating was hit and miss, I did like some tricks but most of it failed to impress or represent real ability. Judging from these comments I’m obviously not the only one who thinks this way.

    Rollerbladers are so pathetic that they label all criticism “hating”. Keeping your fingers in your ears and doing the same old unappealing shit is the reason why the Industry is in a hole in the first place.

    I’ve bladed for a long time now and I’m starting to see how stale and ignorant those that are supposed to represent us and innovate the products we buy have become, or stayed to be more accurate. We are not a teen industry anymore, this is not a professional standard.

  • Bellow

    He looks yellow, he should be in the simpsons

  • check check check

    corny: check
    cheesy: check
    bad music: check
    gay rolling: check
    a few respectable tricks: check
    but terrible style: check
    gay voice over: check
    weird cut aways: check
    bad hair: check

    who the fuck cares if he is a nice guy, nobody mocks him as a person, why would they. It’s just what he does, the editor does and above all what seba does…I would feel embarrassed, the outside world will not recognize the difference. So I’d rather keep this kinda stuff locked away with all the Taiig Chris shit! We are not in the position NOT TO BE IMAGE CONSCIOUS! Serious!

  • check check check

    …the still preview image of the video says it all

  • Anonymous

    Is that a joke…maybe cabin5150 is a comedy club!

  • oooooooooomeng

    oy…. again with this reverse evolution of rollerblading

  • Anonymous

    All those tricks could be done on a pair of razors just as fast and furiously with an anti rocker set up… I just don’t understand why we have to de evolve back to fitness skates? I used to take a wheel out of my old 4 down large wheel blades so I could actually do deals… Power blading is a fail trend and a jock the next guy thing , like everyone wearing bright colored fake ray bans and the switch from giant pants to a more form fitting style due to the fact that your skate idol decided to do it. Be yourself guys.. It’s obvious when your not.

  • Kev

    Oh cool, the 90s on powerblades. No really though, did I just see that or am I trippin’???

  • dope skating

    but that edit made me embarrassed to be a rollerblader..

  • 8====D

    Wut was that shit? That shit was shit..

  • kaspaaaahhh

    as said wackkkkkkkkkk ! each to there own but this should be on the seba rec site or someting !

  • BenShelbourne – Real

    Am I the only blader in the UK who hasnt had Kate Egan’s knickers down?

  • Mr. scientist

    everyone who dosnt know him talks shit on his skating. then comes someone who knows hin and says, he is a nice guy.
    thats two different things. even if he is your friend, he can still suck at skating and he does.
    being a cool person does not make you skate better
    and being good at skating does not automaticly make you a cool person.
    its the two combined that makes a dustin latimer

  • Anonymous

    He has both and even Latimer’s hair haha

    I think most rollerbladers are just stuck in this big tricks little dick situation.


  • Mother. Fucker.

    I’m just speechless. This passed out legitimately under the eye of a Seba employee? I’m quite sure even the cleaner could have made a better edit. Christ.

    I was half expecting to see Orgazmo run out and start beating up smoking youths as Leo picked up their strewn crisp and sweety packets in the background to dispose of them responsibly in a near by rubbish bin. What a crock of shit!

    Way to lose any of your potential market…no wonder kids are scootering it looks 10 fucking times better than this.

  • Francky K

    DUDE look the Facebook/Seba Street , the only guy on team is Cj first !!! Apparantly this week a new skaters is announced into the team, and it seems that Pierre Lelievre and Kevin Quintin is alredy on the team since the begining..

  • Francky K

    This guy Leo is not on the team !?

  • Anonymous

    the funny thing is, he’s not as nice as other people think, just a spoilt brat who has been bank rolled by his parents his entire life!

  • Anom

    Where does it say anywhere he is on the SEBA street team? He just skates on the SEBA freeskates. Clearly not a pro at all. Funny how you all jump to conclusions just because its a new company I’m aggressive skating. And there is no such thing as SEBA powerblading …is and always will be SEBA freeskating

  • Kaspa

    I think this edit is actually a perfect advertisement to break into the mainstream market… a bit cheesy but it does the job, if I showed this to a bunch of 10 year old kids I’m sure they’d be happy to join our sport

    well done Leo, skating has improved so much, keep it up! J

  • Jon Roberts

    HAHAH this guy is about 30 and STILL relying on his parents for EVERYTHING

    The guy is a complete LOSER

    This edit proves that ten times over

  • this article

    this guy is a loser and needs to get a proper job

    he drives around in some shed of a car with stickers all over claiming to teach 40year olds to skate in a straight line

    good one drop out

    no GCSE’s/Diploma/Degree

  • Am

    This article above do you even know the guy ? Haha I’m sure he is better educated than you

  • Stu Kinghorn

    The only person on Seba in the UK is Lee Devereux

    If you paid attention at Laced you would have seen this

  • Generalskij

    lol what a fag!

    my comment is absolutely perfect