Lee Devereux: a few park clips by Nick Lomax

Lee Devereux: a few clips by Nick Lomax

Previously: Lee Devereux, Deathrow Conference Edit (2010).
Photo: Zalitis.

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19 Responses to “Lee Devereux: a few park clips by Nick Lomax”

  1. 2R Says:

    so underrated.

    sick skater for sure.

  2. 3R Says:

    that last trick!! dude is amazing..

  3. Wally Says:

    anyone knows the song?

  4. Goodmang Says:

    The new UK pro for Seba, best news in agessss!

    Fully deserved Lee.

  5. herb Says:

    one of the sickest skaters out there! he was gone too deep underground but now he is back on the top. go lee!

  6. Marco Says:

    so so good!
    spinning both ways with the techest of tricks
    brilliant stuff! good to see this guy back in the picture!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Holy shit…..I wasn’t expecting all of that!

    Where can you buy Seba street skates……?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    you can buy seba skates at all argos stores

  9. Anonymous Says:

    well in lee……im pretty sure that was a USD edit though…. not so much SEBA?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing to do with seba.. just the RN cunts cant handle life again

  11. Jay Says:

    @ Wally… A$AP Mob – Bangin on Waxx

  12. Joe Says:

    OG smashing it……..proper.

  13. The M Says:


  14. Borassic Lint Says:

    Banging! What a belter of an edit!

  15. yo mtv faps! Says:

    swag, fuck yall niggaz……

  16. jackswind Says:

    was on USD…now on Seba you mean

  17. Bellow Says:

    Couldnt of picked a better rider for Seba.

    Hope he makes a Seba promo edit ASAP! :D

  18. damn Says:

    what a beast. I hadn’t seen much of him lately and was wondering where he’d gone.
    glad to see he’s only gotten better.

  19. cappa Says:

    Fucking yes Lee! Im looking forward to this Seba edit, gonna look so sick on those! :)