4×4 – Leading The Blind (Full Video)

May 2010 Repost.

A Rat Tail Production by Jan Welch & Pat Lennen.
Starring Alex Broskow, Chris Haffey, Pat Lennen, Brian Shima and more.

4x4 - Leading The Blind

Soundtrack courtesy of Rollingvideos.

  • Intro: Ratatat – Seventeen Years.
  • Chris Haffey Intro: The Dresden Dolls – Coin Operated Boy.
  • Chris Haffey: Interpol – Evil.
  • Friends/Tour Section: The Postal Service – Such Great Heights.
  • Pat Lennen: Scott Walker – Jackie.
  • The Rat Pack: The Cure – Jumping Someone’s Else’s Train.
  • Brian Shima: The Clash – London Calling.
  • Alex Broskow 1: The Rapture – Out of the Races and on to the track.
  • Alex Broskow 2: Siouxsie & the Banshees – Spellbound.
  • Credits: Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man.
  • Credits Part 2: Spandau Ballet – To cut a long story short.
  • Bonus: Henry Hubbard: The Epoxies – Need more time.
  • Bonus: Haffey Remix: The dresden dolls – Girl anachronism.
  • Bonus: Bloodstains: Agent Orange – Living In Darkness.
  • Bonus: Slow Mo: Aphex Twin – Avril 14th.
  • Bonus: Santee Antics: Dead Milkmen – Takin’ Retards To The Zoo.
  • Bonus: Lennen Remix: Ugly Casanova – Things I don’t remember.
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  • CTroller

    Probally my favorite video of all time

  • davesays

    just an instant classic, one of the best videos ive ever seen

  • Colin

    he says he quit…BUT HE DIDN’T!!! AAAAW MAN THAT WAS GREAT!

  • jmx

    Provably my favorite video of all time too!

  • deek

    dude! i almost forgot how sick broskow was back in the day

  • Nice

    I absolutely LOVE this video. One of the best.

  • Anonymous

    Nice choice of music- Such Great Heights by Postal Service for the win.

  • roll$$$$

    i vividly remember what it was like watching Haffeys section for the first time… pure excitement

  • rolkasz_z_gdanska

    uahahahahah i almost forgot how brosky looked like :D

  • harry k

    sickk.. brings back memories

  • chris M

    best mother fucking video ever. and deek what do u mean was. broskow still kills it, even when he was on roces.

  • chris M

    id say my favorite clip is of pancho’s sweaty down the drop kink rail

  • Lukas

    pancho´s sweaty was so sick! Girl´s runnin away not wanting to see him die….crazy!

  • Dom Seven

    Yes best Video ever

  • Notorious Tom

    It’s kind of ironic that mainstream rollerblading began to die out around the same time this film was released because this is one of the greatest rollerblading videos ever!

    If we can combine the trick vocabulary and style of todays skaters with the balls and creativty in this video it would be the perfect skating! IMO.


    balls out

  • traducer

    thank god for people this good sticking with rollerblading around this time. i love this video but man drip drop is still my favorite video of his. i got to skate with pancho several times in SA and he is a fuckin texas legend!!!!!

  • arsene

    probably on of the best with wdybi?

  • Baas

    Colin Says:
    May 2nd, 2010 at 12:00 am

    he says he quit…BUT HE DIDN’T!!! AAAAW MAN THAT WAS GREAT!

  • rollnj24

    BEST video ever

  • andrew conners

    safe to say this is the best video ever

  • Alexander

    the intro still gives me the chillsss

  • guamtek

    LMAO!!!! pancho, u crazy fuck! ur screams of anger inspire me to this day. HAHAHA!

  • guamtek

    and most def the best video ever! haffeys section got me juiced from day 1 til my friend stole my video, AND HE DOESNT EVEN SKATE! that tells u how sic this vid was

  • hoax34

    Every section is a banger! This video melts my brain every time.

  • Jackt

    Haffeys section is my favourite section,ever.

  • Shuriken

    Pat Lennon is such a loon in this.

  • Christopher Marino

    This came out right around when I first got into rollerblading and it was the first video I had seen and still to this day it is my number one skate video. I have showed this video to some friends that skateboard and they were blowen away by the level of difficulty that was put down in every section in the video. Too bad you don’t really see this level of progression in todays new pros. Now its all tippity tappity and skating curbs…….. all I can say is please bring back this level of skating to the industry.

  • Anonymous

    One of the most inspirational videos of all the time. full of life. I still have the dvd! Thanks to jan welch !

  • Ross

    Brian Shima’s best section on here. Such a ridiculous video full of legendary profiles. Lennen, Haffey, Broskow going crazy…but Shima wins this time

  • Mitch

    Fuck I wish I was 20 again… this video brings back a flood of epic carefree memories of a time long lost..

  • chitown

    this is fucking rollerblading at its best!!! Skaters used to go so hard and do the biggest tricks!!! My favorite haffey section

  • chitown

    it has been awesome to watch the evolution of broskow! he was amazing then but has so much more control now…also my fav haffey section ever!!!

  • Deubeul

    Hoax 2
    Brain Fear Gone
    Leading the Blind

    were huge steps speaking of skating level.

    Since then, what? KCMO? I’m gonna cry…

  • bio540

    that sweaty is killer , da hell is wrong with that dude!?