Lausanne Street, Bowl Contest 2010: Promo Edit

high in the park

Fenfanix team rider Diego Luppi promoting the Lausanne Street&Bowl Contest 2010 at the Vidy Bowl (Lausanne, CH) during a short morning session.

Filmed and edited by Michael Hartwell. Song: Tm Juke – Get It Together.


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6 Responses to “Lausanne Street, Bowl Contest 2010: Promo Edit”

  1. asdasd Says:

    TM juke !

    love this guys music

  2. Charles Says:

    Fattest pro skater ever, I cross him once, is a cool duuude

  3. Travis Stewart Says:

    That Dub KG was flawless and the 630 royale was sick too. Nice edit.

  4. hosker Says:

    Yes Diego!! you chunky monkey!

  5. Groopieee Says:

    Ho mon Dieu Mais c est diego luppiii!!!!

  6. dridri Says:

    Present pour les rails a hooligan !