LA All Day: June 20th, 2009 (Edit) + July 25th (Flyer)

Edited By Daniel Scarano. Filmed By Tanner Madix and Daniel Scarano

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LA All Day

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  • hadji

    Aaron Aaron, drugs, job or what the hell did eat you alive? Kevin Gillan??? The one??? Hehe, nice edit. Demetrios has springs hidden underneath those frames. I swear he could jump over me just like that. GJ!!!

  • seba theambiance

    i saw gillan and feinberg please , tell me more

  • NICK

    crap edit didnt like it at all


    Kevin Gillan whattt!!!!

  • carlos

    please show more of feinberg and gillan
    thank you

  • rollerblading is gay

    aaron grew up. skating wasnt going to support him so that he could keep skating. he got a normal job and still skates sometimes.

  • joeman


  • Ric

    WOW! Arron and Kevin. That was nice to see.

    Man, someone needs to do a sections with all these old skaters who still occasionally roll. That would be cool see who still skates. Anyone else feeling this idea?

  • Pts

    Allways good to see that Arron and Kevin are still on skates!! Good tricks form LA skaters!!

  • OutsiderLookingOut

    I miss my pros…

  • tarquin

    who ate all the pies, i really held back on this one cos he is from a great time in rollerblading

  • rza

    ben schwabs ill