KY Battle 2013 (XIII): Edit + Results

KY Battle 2013 (XIII)

Photos + Report on


  1. Jon Cooley
  2. Anthony Armstrong
  3. Chris Smith
  4. Julian Mire
  5. Kyle Kusche
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17 Responses to “KY Battle 2013 (XIII): Edit + Results”

  1. Eddie B. LBC/ETNO Says:

    Good stuff… but enough clips of my dude Peanut!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    man that kyle guy was throwing crazy shit from the second he showed up at the park. Armstrong was throwing bangers too

  3. jon cooley Says:

    most fun weekend ever!

  4. Derek Smith Says:

    That was fucking awesome. Just about every trick from Cooley and Chris Smith was fucking awesome. Looked like a good time.

  5. Ranter 9000 Says:

    Looks like a good crew. Watching all those falls though does not make me want to skate : /

  6. The Artful Throbber Says:

    That ginger kid had steez

  7. Sawyer Says:

    You guys know how to have some real fun !! Keep that southern scum flame burning !!! That was awsome !!!!

  8. ane Says:


  9. shein Says:

    tru top soul ,,,,, BOOOOOMMMM

  10. realtalk Says:

    this was awesome to watch. looked like so much fun.
    obviously the tts was epic as fuck
    but that ao top soul on the box to full roy and that inspin 3 porn on the down rail WTF dude was so committed he landed right on top

  11. Gang Green Poosy Says:

    That was probably the steeziest tru topsoul ever known to mankind. Props to the ginger kiddy he’s sick. That black dude is fucking nuts too, that outragious disaster trick. Who are those two guys?

  12. Eddie B. LBC/ETNO Says:

    lol, not enough clips of my dude Peanut!!***

  13. Vetty Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone throw back to back switch & natural bio 540’s before

  14. portas Says:

    ginger kid is chris smith from ATL

  15. misfit Says:

    that was probably one of the most fun weekends ive had in ten years. watching those guys was amazing. scott hatton threw a 540 at the blue rails that blew my mind. stomped it so hard.

  16. frank dux Says:

    this was high level the black dude should be first ginger kid second and guy in the hat third

  17. Kaspa Says:

    This is one of the best street comps I’ve seen in ages, simply due to the technical ability.