Kizer Carlos Pianowski Pro Frame

kizer carlos pianowski frame

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  • rodrigo lagoa

    this is the frame of the one. the guys is the guy heaheahaehaehaehaeh

    he came to my citie and wrecked every spot he wanted to!

  • Sergio Deodoro

    yeahhhhhh. it´s about time pianowski had his own frameeee
    we, brazilians, need more atention in the inline’s world
    piá is phodaaaaaaaa hueheuehu

  • Bayly

    they look sick

  • supb930

    i think photoshop

  • http://http:/ Koubis

    photoshop ? o_o
    this is an official image…


    i’m gettin those

  • pianowski

    elles sont classe!! jlai achete mais avant sa faut quelle sortent

  • jon summers

    PEICES OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carla

    Heavy Metal na veia…