Kirill Galushko (Russia): 1 Day Edit for Trailhead (2013)

Filmed and Edited by Alexander Golovkin and Ilya Kozhevnikov.

Song: CunninLynguists – Running Wild (Instrumental).

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  • Fuck you

    Fuck you! Boredom!! – fuck you with slow motions

  • Diaz

    Wow ! To the hater above, so that’s really how you start your day ?! REALLY ? The first thing you do is insult someone you never met, and BEFORE even explaining why ? Anyway, there is no room for you in inline skating, mind your own business and do yourself a favor, stop commenting on forums for at least ten years, then you might be an adult (not sure though) and have enough maturity to be taken more seriously.

    That edit was incredibly good, both for the skating and the editing, I wish I was able to skate and edit at the same level as these guys.

    Also, I am a huge fan of Kirill’s skating, because he does not stop the technical tricks in the name of creativity : he does both.

    I want more !!!!

  • MCP

    Kirill is good. So dedicated to rollerblading. This inspires me a lot. Fuck all the toys and haters. Life steeze media makes things epic.

  • Henz

    That was amazing in every way.