King of Warriors 2011 (Spain): Edit + Results

King of Warriors

Vert Results (via).

  1. Nel Martin
  2. Rich Parker
  3. Nicolas Mougin

Big jump: Roman Abrate

Previously: King of Warriors: Promo Edit by Nel Martin. Photo.

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  • Till Deleuze

    That unnecessary sexist shit sucks so hard !
    Seriously- who the fuck needs such crap- like those bitchy girls standin around a ‘timeboost-welcome-back-to-the-80’s-handplan’ !

  • Anonymous

    hahaha looks like the girl standing up beg to be there sooo out of place.

  • Anonymous

    This is it guys! This is exactly the image that rollerblading needs.

  • Anonymous

    The bro-douche crowd has been unfairly excluded from blading for way too long. I’m glad someone finally thought to be more inclusive and bring Humvees, MMA, and unattractive-wannabe-pornstars into our sport. We’ll be in Maxim and on Spike TV in no time!

  • Anonymous

    The girl standing looks like a fat pig.

  • bim bam boum

    nicolas mougin!!!