KIA X GAMES ASIA 2007 (Shanghai) : Full Results + Edits

up : photo by Inline Skating Notebook


1. Soichiro Kanashima JPN (88.33 & 88.33)
2. Christopher Haffey USA (79.00 & 88.00)
3. Hung Chien Kai TPE (73.00 & 79.67)
4. Steven Aliel FRA (79.33 & 75.33)
5. Worapoj Boonim THA (79.33 & 74.67)
6. Jeerasak Tassorn THA (75.33 & 64.00)
7. Takuto Ohta JPN (74.33 & 74.33)
8. Craig Brocklehurst AUS (74.00 & 73.33)
9. Yuto Goto JPN (64.33 & 62.33)
10. Yundong Yang CHN (58.33 & 60.00)


1. Takeshi Yasutoko JPN (93.33 & 81.00)
2. Shane Yost AUS (76.00 & 90.00)
3. Eito Yasutoko JPN (85.00 & 87.67 )
4. Kevin Marron Lopez BEL (86.67 & 85.00)
5. Tomohiko Nakamura JPN (79.67 & 77.33)
6. Takayuki Nakamura JPN (77.67 & 77.33)
7. Otto Bolanos COL (77.67 & 77.33)
8. Kanta Ogino JPN (52.33 & 64.33)
9. Yusuke Aihara JPN (62.33 & –)
10. Ayumi Kawasaki JPN (41.67 & –)

X-Games ASIA AIL park -Soichiro Kanashima- :

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X-Games ASIA AIL park -Yuto Goto- :

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More edits and photos on Inline Skating Notebook.

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25 Responses to “KIA X GAMES ASIA 2007 (Shanghai) : Full Results + Edits”

  1. Elie Says:

    Soichiro is so good! I wanna see Haffey’s run.

  2. craig brocklehurst Says:

    yeah soichiro is THE best park skater in the worldddddddd.

    haffeys run was sick too. its on youtube just look

  3. Maik Says:

    i can name you like five better park skaters if you want to…really..i thin k his skating gets boring because hes doin the same tricks over and over again…like aragon

  4. tom Says:

    haffeys run was the best i dont know why he didnt win

  5. duconlaoij Says:

    my god, shane yost is still skating!!! congrats!!!

  6. Verticalizer Says:

    Are there no vert edits?

  7. reek Says:

    kanashiro had the best run. i’ve never even heard of that guy before.

  8. Devon Says:

    props to the tazmanian devil for still rolling strong! and yes, where are the vert edits?

  9. s243a Says:

    I think I have seen Haffey’s clip before and in my opinion Haffey skates with no ware near the energy on vert as Soichiro Kanashima. In my opinion Soichiro Kanashima is in a league of his own when it comes to large vert. Haffey takes way too much rest between tricks.

  10. carpee Says:

    Kana”shima”….thats what you get when ur last name ends in Shima. even if you are asian.

  11. craig brocklehurst Says:

    ok whoever said they will name 5 better park skaters who could beat soichiro in a one minute park run…. name them?? he fuckin charges everything he skates, with flawless style and solidity.

  12. random Says:


  13. random Says:

    ( o Y o )
    ) . (
    ( 8=D )

  14. hihi Says:

    is soichiro sponsored? wasnt he wearin deshi ck now hes got usd ds???

  15. craig brocklehurst Says:

    yes soichiro is sponsored.

    he was on deshi but now he;s on valo.

  16. skobberhouse Says:

    how does shane yost make money skater blading? he’s probably losing money flying his ass to china even though he won 2nd place.

  17. -_- Says:


  18. craig brocklehurst Says:

    so what if he is maybe loosing money? maybe its an amazing experience to visit china? if its only costing you a small amount, why the hell wouldnt you go

  19. Tomas Says:

    can someone post a link to haffeys run? I cant find it on youtube

  20. craig brocklehurst Says:

    man you fuckin noobs. haffeys run is in that Link. just click it. the inline skating notebook one

  21. Elie Says:

    I did’nt find it on youtube, anybody’s got a link please?
    I’m talking about Haffey’s run of course.

  22. craig brocklehurst Says:

    the link is under all the photos.

    it is a japanese site but if you open your eyes you will see haffeys run. for some reason it wont let me open the actual youtube link but if you click the inline skating notebook link you will see it

  23. gav drumm Says:

    gad damn soichiro has the steeeeeze. and to who ever said they could name 5 better skaters… i guess they werent at asa world pros last year when he came 4th. Shane is still rolling every week, his body is still holding up well and he does still earn his income rollerblading.

  24. craig brocklehurst Says:

    gav drumm speaks the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. kizza Says:

    woh too many aussies on this topic haha
    fuk yeah craig coming 6th or 7th or wateva it was, thats sik!!