Kevin Lapierre @ Panhandle Pow-wow 2013

Filmed & edited by Guillaume Latrompette (canon 5D iii + 16-35 canon + 24-70 canon).

Kevin Lapierre @ Panhandle Pow-wow 2013

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  • Anonymous

    How many old is the Kona skatepark? it looks like 1970 skatepark with added ledges for the event

  • Brad Anthony

    Kevin is a ripper! Awesome edit man!!!

  • Mike Salt


    I feel this you know

    This guy got SOULLLL

    Hes a soul ghoul some would say!

    Wouldn’t see all that sun melting ice in the arctic mind…

  • Anonymous

    D-Structure? Wasn’t it Amhos last edit? And Shop-Task before that? Who does this guy actually ride for?

  • Kevin fan club


  • ludman

    il est bien ce jeune

  • bobby gee

    Actually d-structure suck cocks and the owner of ahmos is a fucked up looser that has fucked up the owner of shop-task… So yah, it is messed up because there is to many cock suckers in the business, this is why…

  • southernscum

    Kevin is part of The Future.

    too short.