Kenth Ulvedal: 2012 Grindhouse Edit

Kenth Ulvedal: 2012 Grindhouse Edit

For me the summer of 2012 was focused mainly on going to competitions, and not alot about filming, but I still managed to get a few clips to make this edit.

A big thank you to the people who filmed and sent me clips to make this, and to Grindhouse Skateshop for supporting when traveling to a few competitions last summer!

Filmed by Max Cortes, Emil Sejby, Joakim Lundberg, Per Eriksson, Joachim Wall & Nicklas Persson.

Song: Imagine Dragons – Radioactive.

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  • Steeze Police

    Steeze for days, awesome filming, sick switch ups, banging track… That was really enjoyable. Thank your for that edit. I’m def gonna be watching out for this guy.

  • jorge nolasco

    shit was fucking awesome i love youre style very sick dude ill be pressing replay

  • steezus christ

    i ain’t gon lie man, dat shit was tite

  • kenthlover


  • Anonymous

    hes reminding me erik bailey, i mean how he looks :D
    anyway great skating and great edit

  • Anonymous

    Fuck yeah, good tricks’n’steez! Nice to wear a helmet! Is it in Deutschland?

  • kboos

    sick skater ! Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Fiftykenth

    Thanks for posting rollernews, and thanks for the comments! much love to you!

  • deubeul

    great great skating!

  • Jessus

    banging. sick edit.

  • Anonymous

    Steeeeezy, although doesn’t count if you wear a lid ;)

  • Adamski

    topmisfit to budget azid was absolutely PERFECT!

  • Anonymous

    2 thumbs up for this guy.

  • Jason

    def one to watch. that was ace!

  • Richard karlsson

    Good skating dude!
    GO Sweden!!!

  • truth

    wow I’ve finally seen a video where the guy skates just like me. two thumbs up from me.

  • the stinky Juda

    respect !Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Anonymous

    ya it was good – but every one of those spin ledge tricks (and more) had his hands all over it. don’t put that shit in your edits…you’re gonna get called out, son!

  • Leon // Shop-Task

    I LOVE IT, soo good, I love your style, reminds me of my homeboy Danny Beer.

  • Martin Krutina

    too many hands but skating and style was good

  • dah

    I dont care if it was conventional, dude tore it up and had steeze to boot.
    Liked the song choice too

  • andrew

    liked alot! the way you spin out of tricks and land them reminds me of cameron card.