Kelso Brothers: B-Unique Checkmate Section (2007)

Sean Kelso & Colin Kelso‘s B-Unique Checkmate section.

Kelso Brothers: B-Unique Checkmate Section (2007)

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  • Truth

    Back when they had balls my god how they’ve deteriorated.

  • Anonymous

    i wish colin kelso would still rip like this in those ssm skates..

  • Anonymous

    Sean was the illest in 2007, like only a handful of people on his level, literally

  • Roberts

    Good times and great memories! They need to make another brotherly love edit.

  • SA Blade

    Shit man when you’re this good traveling is all that is left to do.

  • Anonymous

    Sean still kills it, Colin, well. Felt he was fucked over by Powerslide, burned many bridges and left more or less, if he`ll ever comeback, i dunno

  • Anonymous

    whats up with AJ and Vibralux, btw?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Listen to the music kids!!

  • GVA

    When it came out , I remember first watching this videos with all the fellow bladers of our town moving in a van for a trip to some of the biggest euro park. I really miss that time , both in my life and in rollerblading in general. Re-watching it now made me think it was situated in the middle of the transition between old school and new school blading , it s interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Top of their game.

  • Anonymous

    where is philly today? they had swag when there scene was putting out lots of footage. tough tech tricks and lines for days…

  • Fred G.

    The past was not different, the past was just simply better :).

  • Darek

    Where are these guys now

  • wtf

    no, i dont wanna watch this. stop.

  • Anonymous

    philly scene is dead. nyc is new swag.

  • Anonymous

    colin kelso needs a new section, a section that will open the eyes of the people that gave up on him and talk all this shit…and silence them all..his brother is still as good. if not, ever better

  • Anonymous

    colin kelso will never make another video part, he doesnt even skate anymore

  • excuse me

    ^ i believe you are wrong sir. on the stack for KCMO right now

  • excuse me

    FUCKING LEGENDS in the game. techest bois ever

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Colin needs to make another section.

  • ane

    Did all of you forget about Colins Truth 2 double section? I know its been a bit since then but his fish guys clips were still on point too.

  • Anonymous

    thats was so stylish

  • j

    hahaha anyone who thinks sean style was better then aint got a clue….
    you seem to be left in the past

  • Anonymous

    Straight up gangster for life straight popping caps in niggaz from day one yo!!

  • smoker

    sean is such a machine, it disgusts me

  • relive the good times

    check out 2:09 … that’s the extent of modern Sean Kelso on Xsjados.

    Damn do I miss the old days. Back when good bladers were good!

  • Anonymous

    they suck now. this edit is proof. their stuff in past few years has been so weak.

  • Anonymous

    their style today is so phony with those dead arms. they looked so much better then.

  • j

    your all mad how dose this shit look better ????? tricks are sloppy as fuk…..fake ass gangsta style ..white dudes with durags ? haha fuk….

  • hey sean!

    what the fuck happened? dog you might as well buy a scooter. smh damn man just damn, fucken punk bitch sell out just like most other bladers, everyone used to wear baggy pants then all of a sudden youre a fag if your not wearing skinny jeans. you niggas are all hype. johnson erod you farmer everyone. wack ass niggas, cant wait for the next trend so all you sheep can jump on the ride. sell out bitches! ha

  • Surely does

    Reminds me of the French

  • eenglish mager

    kcmo….be da illl jawn dat be firin dem buck shotZ dat niggaZ had 4gotten bout. da shit is gonna be heat rock flameZ my ni66aZ

  • Channing Tatum

    Damn my G. I remember when Sean and I used to walk the 215 and holla out at the girls with their mans. SK used to tell em “Loze ya Mayns bbygurl”. They mans lose, them girls hopped on S. Rap snacks jigga