Keegan Jacko: Woodward 2015 by Patrick Andersen

Keegan Jacko: Woodward 2015 by Patrick Andersen

I met Keegan Jacko at Woodward East this summer and after the first skate session I knew I wanted to work on a profile with him.

When he came to Woodward that was his first time skating in almost a year. This section had to be cut short due to the fall at the beginning of the video.

The mini mega tore him up with multiple bad falls that caused him to not be able to skate for a few days. This is what we captured in a short 2 weeks! Hopefully we will see more from him!! – Patrick Andersen.

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  • chi ride

    I was at work chillin and what do im come across but my homie from back in the day!!! Im proud of u dogg still out here killin it. Michigan representing. Whats good Arique i see you too nigga. This your boy adrian. keep goin hard fellas

  • kirko

    that was fuego