KCMO by Sean Kelso (2014): Full Video

KCMO is back online. Sean Kelso rehosted the whole video on Youtube.


Starring Chris Farmer, Patrick Doherty, KC Roche, Colin Kelso, Chris Cheshire, Sean Kelso, Nick LaBarre & Alex Broskow.

Featuring Andrew Nemiroski, David Sizemore, Matt Ladewski, Mike Lilly, Sean Santamaria, Michael Collins, Thinh Le, Mason Stickler, Chris Candia, John Bolino, Dean Coward, Michael Garlinghouse & Adam Exline.

Soundtrack | B-Roll & Extras | Trailer.

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  • chris

    Oh shit! I bought it like a month ago…

  • refund.

    i want a refund.

  • Anonymous

    Ya wtf is wrong w ppl. Paid for this and now it’s free. Smh. Never buying an online movie or edit ever again. Seriously. DO NOT SUPPORT ONLINE MOVIES OR EDITS.

  • Glad

    glad i didn’t buy it

  • Anonymous

    First you hate you gotta pay now you hate its free. get a life haha.

    well thanks for posting this for free. gonna watch and give props where its due.

    try not to mind the stupid people comments and keep blading n making edits. some happy people actually watch em!

  • Anonymous

    I would still happily pay for.loved it

  • TrU

    This is precicely why i didnt buy it…i knew itd be released later or leaked somewhere at some point and i’d nab it…job done now to watch

  • matthew


  • Anonymous

    Glad I bought it. Got to watch it early. Got to support Farmer and BKOW. Good video. And it was $10. Ten dollars. That isn’t anything to support some great bladers who can hardly break even in this industry.

    Anyhow, good stuff! Dig it! Tip tap what.

  • MeJim

    Well, the reason I bought kcmo was to support the skaters and because I want ck to keep making films. I think it is fair to give sth back to people who actively promote skating for so many years.

    But Maybe ck can drop us a line why he upoaded kcmo for free that soon. It realy sucks for us who paid.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if troll

  • Truemakio

    Yesssss thank you glad to see me there! Bigup kcmo bro 1love

  • Kaspa

    bought it for Cheshire, wasn’t really disappointed £6 is nothing, support your industry, don’t be a tight fucker…

    Obviously everything released online will eventually get leaked or put out for free.

    grow up and get real, if you bought it, you own a piece of modern history.

  • Anonymous

    To all you kooks who think they were smart for not buying it (yet wanted/have watched it), you are PRECISELY what is killing our industry…

    $10 dollars, thats like buying 2-3 beers for the dudes that shredded hard for it… support blading!

  • jon morciglio

    I would deff still buy the video just to keep supporting our sport. Well put together and I highly enjoyed watching it. Great job Mr. Kelso

  • jzh

    Instant classic. Watched dozens of times. Amazing skating and spots. Particularly amazing editing and soundtrack. Really top notch. I’m happy to have bought it and now a masterpiece is available to anyone who wants it.

  • Jeff

    Most worthless piece of crap I’ve ever spent money on. Now it’s free. Figures.

  • Anonymous

    Pat Doherty is such a faggot.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see how anyone who blades can hate on the skating in this video. Even if you hated Sean kelso there is amazing skating here and great editing. Soundtrack is also good. So I have to assume any haters are skateboarders, lomax or Werbeski.

  • Anonymous

    everyone on earth hates rollerbladers. so why not stick together?

  • Anonymous

    VIDEO OF THE YEAR ! hate it or love !

  • Anonymous

    Hahah lomax and werbs hate Kelso. That’s cool. We need crazy Colin back too

  • Anonymous

    bahaha, all you assholes who paid for it got what you deserve. Paying for this crap? Not me. Why pay for tippity tap?

  • Anonymous

    I would rather watch roman abrate.

  • Valo Fanboy

    SK ripped off Broskow on this piece of trash. The only reason anyone bought it was cause Broskow was in it. SK sucks a massive dick.

  • Anonymous

    Winston Wardell edit was far superior to this tippity tap tap bull shit. KCMO = biggest rip off of the year.

  • Anonymous

    wow, typical SK skating, slow motion and fish eye lens on tiny obstacles, dead arm landings, gay clothes, no one under 30 years old. Please slit your wrists and die.

  • lol

    I thought the Farmer Fanboys at the end of Segment 1 were all gonna have group gay sex.

  • car

    damn good skating, and what a fashion show too… i bet they spend hours getting dressed

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry man… you haters can hate all you want but Sean Kelson is still one of the best bladers in the world…

    He is like the Kobe of blading. Section is just insane !

  • Anonymous

    sean kelso hast the worst landings in rollerblading. fuck sake. dude can film though.

  • Anonymous

    just fuggin buy it ya cheap cunts!

    support real

  • TrU

    Just watched it…and i’m glad i waited..it wasnt even slightly impressive

  • Anonymous

    I am guessing they released it for Negrette (RIP).
    Great job guys, amazing video and skating

  • green to grass

    now ama gona blade ama gona bladdddddeeeeeeeeeeee aahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    Sk is the most over-rated skater in rollerblading history. Fake style, little obstacles, no balls. Feel sorry for all the morons who bought this trash.


    haha watched for free, kelso gettin no money from me. tippity tap skating.

  • Anonymous

    wouldn’t be surprised if Broskow and Farmer posted this to get back at SK for ripping them off. this edit is a piece of shit if you take out Broskow and Farmer.

  • Anton J.B.

    no wonder ! you rollernews anonymous faggots are not even worthy of watching this master piece ! thanks to all that bought this amazing video
    and really those who talk shit like tippy ti crap can suck my dick you fucking good for nothing loosers ! 1love

  • Drew A

    bahaha SK ripped off all of you faggots including Broskow and Farmer. anyone who paid money for this shit should feel embarrassed and stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Unless you are DL or Feinerg, GTFO…

    Rollerblading doesn’t owe you a fucking thing!

    Support blading by buying a $10 (that is nothing) video with (weter you like to admit it or not), some of your favourite bladers (how do i know, cos you wanted to/watched it)…

    If for some moronic reason you are too much of a piece to pay the $10 bills, then have some fucking gratitude and say…. Thank you

    So much disrespect, no wonder no one can give blading any credit when all you trolls do is slander the ones working for it…

    *and before you get into this tippity tap vs flippity flap bullshit, all other “extreme sports” have diversity (i.e. tech lines, big stunts, park skaters, vert shredders, handrail tap dancers etc etc), and each get their associated respect… If you are more into one side, that’s fine, but don’t diss on what you don’t back as much or aren’t as attracted to…

  • Anonymous

    SK should pay me to watch this shit. He just took all your money, ripped off the skaters, and now it’s Free. anyone who gave money for this trash is a Loser.

  • SHAOLIN Rep.

    ALL OF YOU TROLLS WHO ARE BITCHING ABOUT PAYING FOR A SKATE VIDEO >or enjoy waiting to “snag it or copy it” please…GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR SPORT. now please .. and we betteer not find you, cause if we do well snuff the shit out you and then well beat your nuts on a dresser with a spike bat.! haha for real tho
    thanks- Joey

  • Anonymous

    FUCK OFF YOU PUNK BITCH KOOK. you’re not doing shit! ^ and all I liked was the farmer and broskow section. The rest was dogshit

  • Anonymous

    For real. If alex.b or Chris. F weren’t in this video, no one would have bought it! Who wants to see to complaining shit talking pros. Colin and Sean are walking rollernews trolls in the flesh. When you see them, they’ll have a rollernews troll halo floating above their heads hahaha hate hate hate

  • Anonymous

    Remember how quiet all you faggots were when you had to log into RN with facebook. So many coward ass faggot troll fucks

  • wiz whalifa

    mmmmm baby i luv’d this section the whole section was great ! glad i bought it tho bc now when i watch it for free i already watched it b4 :)

  • wiz whalifa

    but dat ck doe … ;)

  • Anonymous

    Glad I didn’t buy it. SK sucks a fat cock. He ripped off Broskow and Farmer. Without them, this video blows.

  • good folks

    very glad i bought it. good video, Negrete would be proud! cheers