Kaya Turski: Road to Nowhere Section (2005)

Kaya Turski section by Brandon Negrete.

Road to Nowhere by brandon negrete

Songs: The Boys – Independent Girl ; Modern English – Melt With You.
Road to Nowhere by Brandon Negrete (2005): Full Video.

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  • rollo/ski

    Xgames Tignes ski mars 2012

  • Brandin Hunter

    damn she’s good .

  • Anonymous

    jenna downing has bigger boobs

  • J GLOW


  • Urbn^nja

    Kaya pwns.

    Your comment was a bit too awesome. Please come back and write a sicker one.

  • Anonymous


    Your comment was a comment. Please comment.

  • chink in the armour

    SOLD THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pdub

    wasnt she a skiier before skating??? how is it selling out then? shes just not dumb thats all

  • wozer

    how good was she …. damn !!!!

  • hmmm

    “best female blader section ever” – a noble and accurate statement. I gotta admit I don’t like being beaten by the girls but some of the stuff in this section was something else.

  • Anonymous

    She gapped those stairs before lilly could hahaha

  • Anonymous

    ich will ein kind von dir

  • He says She

    Sold the fuck out? Why? Because she still blades and is able to make a comfortable living skiing? You’re a dumb fuck.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    I have never seen any girls ao fish a rail. I aggree with Chynna:)

  • Matt.G

    Indeed a noble comment from Chynna, but she’s not far from topping this and she has a similar style and will hopefully carry the torch for women’s blading.
    She did not sell out, she used to ski, then she snowboarded, then she ski’d again, all while she was skating. She made a blade edit for her Web Episode “State Of Mind” and her intro of every web episode has a clip of her blading in it. In every interview she gives she tries to portray blading in a good light, but editors seem to like playing with her words a lot.
    She still skates and has a pair of skates at her ski pad in Cali and another pair at her mom’s in MTL.

  • http://esseffnumber1.tumblr.com Big Keir Chindsay

    On Yersel darlin!! AO Top Acid ma boaby anytime

  • darek

    this is exactly why i didn’t jump on the Chynna band wagon…
    seriously if you are a male skater and you refuse to do hammers, i don’t know what to tell you
    i hope the big kink rail/big gap/disaster stunts make a comeback

  • RanierP

    dude, this girl is dope…. nice style, big tricks, all street shit, definately better than some guys i know! good shit!