Kaltik welcomes Stephane Alfano

Stephane Alfano

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83 Responses to “Kaltik welcomes Stephane Alfano”

  1. eddieocruz2010 Says:

    Can’t wait to see what this guy pulls out his pants this time

  2. RichieRich Says:

    that was the most insane trick i have ever seen at that spot.

  3. daboy Says:

    siiicckk stephane showed jbah up on that spot. haha jk

  4. lucas Says:

    that was sick, but did he land it?
    someone did hurricane top soul there…

  5. flowskate Says:

    can someone tell me what that track is


  6. Ryan Says:

    Might have alot of hate surrounding him but my god that was ill. Interesting to see him outside of a French skatepark.

  7. JEFF Says:


  8. Urbn^nja Says:

    Utterly immense…. That was so damn sick. Would love to know if he landed though! KALTIK!!!

  9. kubs Says:

    Its sick. But if he landed it, we would see it. I ride Kaltik flat. Good frame.

  10. song name is... Says:

    Breathe by Camron

  11. Ian UK Says:

    Awesome! That spot is so hard in real life!

  12. muppet Says:

    @Ryan: Why a “French skapark” ? are you meaning he can’t kill skateparks outside of France ?
    look at this to remember what he did in an American skatepark… http://vimeo.com/7787773

  13. Anonymous Says:

    kaltik has a very good team now

  14. Soul2Roll Says:

    That scared me man but it was amazing

  15. the correct song name is Says:

    “Breathe” by Fabolous (produced by Just Blaze)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    He landed it. Amazing. And he actually has great style.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    French skating just seems so good. Does anyone know why? Silhan, Alfano, Cudot, Abrate, Godenaire, Heinemann, Remy Meister, Max Jubin and a few other guys whose names I’ve forgotten. Why? Is the scene growing in Europe? Same thing with Australia.

  18. guam Says:

    the french and aussies have always been on their game. ever since the asa competitions! lol

  19. mega Says:

    that made chuck noriss step in a dogs shit.

  20. Otakuboi88 Says:

    Damn thts just solid mad props!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    too bad alfano is a douche

  22. Shamus Says:

    Hey Dick lips. Lets see the landing there uh..

  23. proVoke rolling Says:

    I was thinking it was going to be a short worthless promo until I clicked play… holy crap!

  24. notanigggggger Says:

    Sounds like it has some Lovestoned mixed in it.

  25. steve Says:

    Cyril Daniel did 450 back royale on it like 4 years ago. That was insane!

  26. Anonymous Says:


  27. Slavisa Zivkovic Says:

    It doesnt matter if he land the trick or not. He tried fucking 360 trick on that huge disaster. He survive, so if you think that is easy, go there and try it. Fucking pussies!!!

  28. no mames Says:

    no fucken way. hands down, best trick i’ve ever seen. chris haffey eat your heart out.

  29. The Rollerblading Industry Says:

    Dont care how sick that trick is, who would want to sponsor this prick.

  30. Anton 972 Yehuda Says:

    i agree with Slavisa Zivkovic ! kamikadze stile WTF man ? mad props ! you hating bitches cant do shit thats why you talk it! no efence groms!

  31. Nyjah Says:

    The Track Call Breathe By Fabolous , Fuck You “The Rollerblading Industry” Guys Like You Kill The Industry…, Dope Trick! Can’t wait for more edit from Alfano!

  32. darin Says:


  33. tom Says:

    that guy sucks. those frames suck. those skates suck. that spot sucks. that shirt really sucks. who cares. that thing got 450 royale’d how long ago? that seriously sucked

  34. fd Says:

    isnt this the guy that no one likes because he is an asshole?

  35. jameskeyte Says:

    holy fucking shit. that is an insane trick. u have to have been to this spot to realize how mental this really is! Also tom, i would rather 450 royal this than inspin topsoul it

  36. Uwie boll Says:

    Didn’t show the landing, didn’t land. Eat a dick jockers.

  37. rok jarc Says:

    yes Cyril did it 450 royale… but back then cyril had NO STYLE.. alfanos inspin top soul was reallly stylish… for me its all about style… not the trick, not the spot, but style… well alfano killed it.. top spot, top style.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    it’s a teaser, that’s why it didn’t show the landing… of course he landed it !
    Stupid haters, start thinking your own.

  39. viewer Says:

    to be honest, people like him that makes rollerblading alive. same goes to j.bah, c.kelso, franky, addrien anne, e.rod and who ever starring in the scene. why? because if all the top pros/flows or ams act good as if they’re angels sent from heaven, rollerblading scenes will look lame.. as if there’s no life in it. so, the what so called “rollerblading is life or rollerblading is fun” is just words. rollerblading is like a tv series to me, there’s a good bunch of rollers, bad bunch of rollers, companies competing with each other, there’s rumors, conflicts, there’s actions.. places, parks and everything! i want all that, and that’s what makes rollerblading alive!

  40. Oskars Says:

    INSANE!!!! you are one fucking crazy bastard… RESPECT!

  41. Rob Says:

    I have to admit 360 inspin topsoul is way more technical there than 450 back royale. This is just insane.. I’ve been there at the spot and this is suecide.

  42. Joe Says:

    I’m not one to hate on somebodys clothing, hair, skating, attitude or anything.. But this guy has shown lot’s of times that he has no respect for our community or our sport, and he don’t deserve to be a part of our community. It’s a sick trick, but any of you who is supporting Stephane has to reconsider.

  43. romain Says:

    au revoir ! cyril daniel !!

  44. Johann Says:

    that tricks was insane.
    i got a pair of kaltik flat frames they are great.

  45. FU Says:

    He didn’t land it.

  46. question Says:

    fackie out ?????????

  47. 8 Says:

    would lol if he didnt land it

  48. jojo jacobi Says:

    Amazing skater !
    sick style !
    just not good you cant land youre tricks !
    see you at winterclash
    Jojo x

  49. obv_broke Says:

    oh man, this guy si sick.

    who would sponsor him ?

    Any guy with a bit of money to invest. alfano wins compets and slam hammer.

    actually putting €€€ on alfano is ev+ i think

  50. ghims Says:

    alfano really has done some of the best tricks in skatings history. people bitch about him, whatever. his skating speaks for itself.

  51. HK Says:

    if one gives way to sponsor Stephane … it is probably the best in the world. why there is no money in this game?

  52. gayswaggers Says:

    why the fuck is everyone talking about topsoul? it was disaster 360 inspin soul!! or is the angle goofy and it was inspin 360 darkside topsoul? if not you guys have to learn tricks better..sick trick anyway,,douche must have been acting nice for his new sponsor..

  53. DarthRoller Says:

    Balazs Zima (Hungary)
    Jirka Tomasek (Czech Republic)
    Keir Lindsay (Scotland)
    Steven Swain (England)
    Aaron Feinberg (USA)
    Stephane Alfano (France)

    Have mixed feelings on Alfano’s recruitment, due to his history of a major attitude problem, but you have to hand it to Kaltik, they’re recruiting pretty much the best people without frame sponsors worldwide and hooking them up.

    Building towards something big for sure. Competing against the giants of Ground Control, Kizer and Create Originals will be no easy task, but the roots have fairly taken hold.

    Would love to see a full Kaltik DVD, with each Irish roller and each international roller. Guaranteed banger.

  54. jojo jacobi Says:

    buy my winterclash kizer frames they are much more sexier !!!!

  55. huevos de diamante Says:

    Alphano you are a heroe!

  56. Nicolas R. Says:

    ok guys we have some mistakes here, outspin (spin away from the obstacle you want to grind) inspin (spin the way toward the obstacle you want to grind). what do we see here, hes spinning left direction and grind with right soulfoot = outspin soul.

  57. Themanwhoisalwaysright. Says:

    Inspin soul. He’s spinning into the soul.

  58. Spen Says:

    WOuld like to know if anyone really knows if he landed it. You definitely shouldn’t be using it in an advert if it wasn’t landed. What self respecting blader would say they got a trick if they didn’t land it.

    If he did…wow

  59. chris Says:

    HOLY SHIT!!! Insane! This should be on monster tricks

  60. AaronF Says:

    Completely mental.. 360 soul is so much harder than 450 royalle on this, so much easier to miss and break youself.

  61. Skates Says:

    Sick Kaltik frames.
    Just ordered them!!
    Check out even more frames at http://www.skatesetup.com/Frames

  62. Name Not Required Says:

    360 topsoul thats it!

  63. Doug Cupo Says:

    THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY NUTTY!!! Daaaaaaaaamn!

  64. Dj.BUH Says:

    this guy is a bitch ass i wont buy kaltik frames because they support fags like him
    im rly dissapointed

  65. james Says:

    no doubt, alfano is GOD.. just look at this disaster and imagine yourself doing a simple royal.. CRAZYYY!!!!! 360 soul is more than crazy.. BIG UP ALFANO!!! (stupid hater kids, before you talk go there and do 1 trick on this disaster, suckers..)

    alfano you are the best!

  66. bigshot Says:

    sick trick but alfano is an asshole anyway….

  67. mick route 1 Says:

    heavy heavy stuff .. big steps for kaltik . Such a strong team now !
    good its still has the roots vibe also


  68. Jirka Konicek Says:

    Whaaaaaaat the fuuuck?!! Nice

  69. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    360 inspin 15ft gap to disaster dark soul. wow. This trick actually transcends asshole. This needs to be mainstream so the kids can see it and know the truth. Props Stephane for pushing rolling into outerspace! To have style on a trick of this magnitude, I thought was impossible. Now I know the truth.

  70. Jojo jacobi Says:

    Still a fucking idiot fuck kaltik buy der kizer !!!

  71. Blade-it Says:

    Haffey vs Alfano for a BLADE on that spot please… Wanna see who’s gonna die first…

  72. aaron turner Says:

    even if he did landed the trick or not, that was crazy in the first place

  73. Anonymous Says:

    a BLADE game on that spot would be terrifying lol think man, how long will they last?

    I agree that people should still reconsider what a dick Alfano has been, hopefully he won’t make the same mistake…. 4 times is it now ?

  74. Ryan Says:

    @muppet because his childish personality overshadows anything he does internationally. Who cares if he killed it in an American park. Is he still a prick? yes. Does anyone respect him as a person in America? No.

    He shines in France for reasons. He fails internationally because of other reasons.

  75. muppet Says:

    @Ryan: “He shines in France for reasons. He fails internationally because of other reasons.”…
    Yes you’re right about that… so, talkshit about his childhish personality, not about his skating, in and out a skatepark.. french or not, this guy kills everything on skates worldwide since over ten years.
    Don’t respect him as a person if you want, but you have to respect him as a great skater.

  76. French Rule Says:

    France rules rollerblading now because they go big. Americans wear vests and skate small obstacles, and the sport is dying. No one wants to look like a fag and do little tricks (excpet Americans). Go big and the sport will grow again.

  77. tim Says:

    c dans would 540 soyale that thing nowadays with serious double wrist guard style. c dans goes way bigger then alfano! put him on kaltic he deserves it not this clown!

  78. my opinion is the best Says:

    To all that wrote that was a top soul :)) :

    please put your glasses on. That was a inspin 3 soul ! ( he dose them for some time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWKCUQnZsdc )

    good thing that you can comment here but you can not make a difference between topsoul and a normal soul !

    My opinion: – if he did not land it, this is a big fail ! ( even bigger that the Taig ‘I never land my records’ Khris fails )

    – Cyril Daniel 4 back royale was better because it is just better and I was made at least 4 years ago

  79. Rob Dobbie Says:

    No respect for this cunt.

  80. OM Says:

    Costo mec!!! rien à dire… pour les mecs comme nous c’est un tricks de FOU , mais pour toi c’est normal… t’as le talent que peu de gens ont…
    continu mec… RESPECT…

  81. Q Says:

    that was fucking insane who did the hurricane topsoul at that spot I cant remember but still 360 soul is fucking buck

  82. braaa Says:

    nowone did hurricane topsoul, that is soooo big, maybe one day…

  83. Anonymous Says:

    french people dont land tricks