Kaltik welcomes Josh Silver to the Team

Kaltik welcomes Josh Silver to the Team

Josh Silver is an animal on the blades. His style is raw and he can skate any terrain put in front of him.

Kaltik scooped him up over the summer, which makes perfect sense. He’s a ruthless 8 downer who still likes to make sparks. Hopefully you enjoy this section, cause we had an awesome time making it.

Filmed in Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.

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  • Alessandro

    I just watched a skateboard video?

  • Anonymous

    WTF! want to see what rolling should be like?


  • robotfood

    damn that was crazy! loved the vibe of this

  • mondor

    hell yeah, that was really awesome. last trick was fucked up

    i like this guys style alot, great job!

  • dbeer

    yes anonymous, you’re right. Every rollerblader should skate JUST like gonzo so we have an extremely diverse group of individuals… burn your rule book and go play football so you can dry hump 300 pound men

  • rollergod

    so sickkk! kaltiks are on my list to buy

  • Shima Blows

    That was boring. When did skating turn into a tap dance and twirl show on curbs and fire hydrants? this is why 99% of the edits on rollernews are crap nowadays

  • Anonymous

    seriously…. by the description I was expecting something epic…

    instead we get Mushroom Blading ???

  • Will

    that was amazing… best face grind ever. so many good tricks as well

  • Erik Burrow

    That shit was ruthless, there is no denying it. This is the type of shit that makes people want to search Rollernews.

  • not sad

    epic face slide
    last trick was reminiscent of Fienburg
    i don’t even remember what was in between

  • Nabe

    OMG! What skates is he wearing during that last trick? And do you see those pants? Suspenders… really?

  • Are you fuckin kidding me?

    And by that I mean, are you fuckin kidding me? I aint trying to be a dick, but what the hell was that? Was there a trick in there? Really? That last trick wasn’t no feinberg trick. Feinberg never needed a death lens to drop a hammer because his were real. That shit sucked!

  • Mike G

    i’m not gay but i’d get with all of ya just to prove you would like it

  • Jesse Karma

    Sick section. So glad Canada seems to have this bubble where we don’t feel the constant need to emulate whats hot this month.

    Josh has been shredding for years!

    Hogan’s hero.


  • Bryan f

    That was awesome josh kills it!!!!!

  • nyc rolla

    Sweet stuff , interesting edit .great to see kaltik supporting more dope rollers ! Kaltik 4 life :)

  • Eli

    I’m always impressed by this guy. Keep skating and killing the street, Josh. Love you and f*ck all the haters!