Kaltik: Orange & Yellow Freestyle Frames


Larger Pictures. Thanks Timmmmmmm.

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14 Responses to “Kaltik: Orange & Yellow Freestyle Frames”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    5050 and mook did this already,

    ur wack kaltik

  2. Kent brockman Says:

    Anonymous –
    these frames are much lighter than mook and 50 – 50
    plus much cheaper
    plus much different

  3. DaveXDefiant Says:

    i remember seeing kaltik’s before 5050

  4. sam crofts Says:

    kaltik have been doing this for time, its just they didn’t sell em worldwide. big up to the irish!

  5. n.s Says:

    dumbest argument, in this case, 5050 is the same as senate, and GC, and Able, and salomon, and create orginial, and whatever the fuck brand you want.

    every single frame has it’s own specs.

    if you don’t know what you’re talking about, then shut your mouth, or in this case, cut your fingers off. you’ll do a lot of people a huge favor!

  6. jonny c Says:

    i like how much “tighter” the groove is. its not as open as some other freestyle frames. im riding some M-types and they ride pretty similar, but keltics are for sure lighter. im liking the orange ones.

  7. Jim O P Says:

    Very nice colors. kaltik is a true breed skater owned company
    anonymous go away and die in a dark place where no one will ever find u

  8. kimcgloughlin Says:

    them things are amazing,so much better than the mooks,the groove is similiar but kind of snaps into position cause of the sharpness,the colors are dope too,

  9. matter Says:

    how they can be better then mook s when you grinding screws on the obstacles from first days?

  10. MacI Says:

    The Yellow one is like a banana!

  11. Mmmmm Says:

    Hell yeah! I like! Make them in the flat frames!!

  12. jack Says:

    they are in blue aswell which look sweet :)

  13. Israel Roller Says:

    Were can u buy the yellow ones ?

  14. Os Says:

    I just want some better colours for the stealth flat frames!

    Saw some ‘smoke’ prototype ones (i.e. Grey and white loosely mixed together) and they were sickkk