Kaltik Hardware: New Colors & More

Kaltik Hardware have just realized some new coloured frames. Word on the street is they are already working on another new innovative idea. Stay tuned.


Larger Picture.

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12 Responses to “Kaltik Hardware: New Colors & More”

  1. Soul2Roll Says:

    Nice to see some more stuff from them! Im interested in what new stuff they are thinking about too??? I always thought they could move the wheels further back in the flat frames :D

  2. bad rolligion Says:

    WOW! what a sick sequence for that roof gap. I remember that edit, dude’s name is Zima, right?

    The blue color looks really cool.

  3. Domi Says:

    nyomjad, Zimaaa!

  4. Bronze Says:

    Is that a new khaki frame color? I´d love that! Natural colors instead of bright bubble-gum stuff…

  5. mick ROute 1 Says:

    those blue frames are minty fresh !

  6. Steveig Says:

    Love my flats! only frames for me at the moment :-)

  7. 711 Says:

    Really cool picture, took some huge balls to pull that off for sure..

  8. MacI Says:

    So good to hear about the new products in the pipeline, Yes Conor!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    KALTIK …. 100% IRISH

  10. chris Says:

    aye apart from all the international ridders(feinberg leonov etc. it was years ago now its international

  11. rok jarc Says:

    i would LOVE to try the flats :)
    great job kaltik…

  12. dripdrop Says:

    Are the free-style frames a bit longer now?
    Had them on a Size 13 Boot – definitely too short…