Kaltik Blue Frame: Jay Gorman, Ireland Edit

Filmed over two days in Dublin, Ireland.

Kaltik Blue Frame: Jay Gorman


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  • Jimmy

    Nice Colour For Frames, Sweet Edit too

  • Anonymous

    name of the song?

  • DarthRoller

    Sick edit, Jay is sick, really hope the frames can get Kaltik much more worldwide.

    Not to mention that, if the opportunity to do so ever came up, a Feinberg section in an upcoming Kaltik vid would be sweeeeeeeeeeet :D

  • basti

    not available in germany.

  • Jacob

    very nice edit !
    I Love the color blue

  • Steve

    Song: Sharam feat. Kid Cudi – She Came Along

  • http://www.rollinz.warbird1.com werner

    so the color can change at night? hell yeah i need that frame !

  • Andrew Bonter

    They’re not for Nazis LOL jks jks.

    Loved the edit especially @0:36 hahaha.

    This exactly what I wanted, more edits and reviews of kaltik frames. I remember when they first came out and everyone hated them, I’m not too big to admit I was one of them, talking shit about this no name company making scatty looking frames that were probably shit.

    But time and again, through edits and reviews I have been proven wrong and am gaining more and more respect for Ally and Kevin and all the boys up in Ireland who have persevered through the quiet and economically difficult times because they had a product they knew was good and they believed in.

    I had a lot of negative opinions on Kaltik products and they’ve all been washed away. Next pay day I think is going to be the day I try out some of those flat frames. Well done guys on sticking to your guns and I hope this product goes a long way and secures a position in the inline world.


  • km_T

    andrew bonter – good 2 hear u are now a believer and supporter

  • sam street

    freestyle frames of death ungrooved but grooved they are sweet haha

  • broybear

    ignition will get you whatever you need,im not sure if the blue ones have been released yet

  • Luke

    Andrew Bonter Says:
    March 8th, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    They’re not for Nazis LOL jks jks.

    ^ not funny at all…

    …wow…you must be such a no-brainer…the vid is not available in germany. The frames are and a lot of shops sell them. Please put the edit on vimeo so everyone interested in kaltik frames can watch it.

  • Anonymous

    hope this guy isnt on usd flow

  • Anonymous

    loved how the “sloppy” lyric at 1:08 matches up with that really awkward landing

    was that intentional?
    made me laugh anyhow

  • Anonymous

    would like to try the frames. wish they were more widely available in the US.

    sorry to be a fashion commentator (i really don’t care about the fit or type of clothes) but the color of those frames completely clashes with the boots and the dude’s jacket. not sure why you wouldn’t be more conscious of trying to make the blue look good when introducing the color was the whole point

    still want to try the frames

  • BentoBox

    I can understand the appeal for the Kaltik flat frames, but the FS frame has been much less documented. What is it exactly that sets it apart from, say, the Mooks?

  • a

    I know it’s critical but this is a major qualm I have with a lot of bladers I’m seeing in these online edits these days…

    LANDING EVERY TRICK FAKIE WITH YOUR ELBOW COCKED AND YOUR HAND NEAR YOUR FACE MAKES YOU LOOK STOOOOOOOOOPID. everyone needs to figure out a new fakie landing pose because that shit looks dumb.

  • nigga dawg

    good edit, too bad you are too afeared to skate street ya lil’ foolish

  • ivanSuarez

    Jay on rollernews boom!

  • Anonymous

    not bad for a queeer from lucan..!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1001730118 Justin Berry

    lol the little kids reaction @ 1:00

  • lol

    look like alcamy frames.

  • Andrew Bonter

    Hey Luke. Would you like a tissue?

  • con_kmt

    they are /
    complete different groove
    nicer colour
    and lets not forget SKA TER OWNED !

  • spain(vida loka crew)

    its a good frame

  • that other

    Oh yeah I remember when Xsjado made these frames

  • M

    lol Says:
    March 8th, 2011 at 10:19 pm
    look like alcamy frames.

    Kaltik let them use the patent.

  • paul

    jay owning up rollernews and fuck all the haters jay skates street all the time ya bunch off wee wanks he would fuckin rip the shit out of all of u every trick normal and switch faggots

    sick edit and sick looking frames

  • Anonymous

    wouldnt mind trying them.

    i like how this was an edit to show off the frames but he was only skating the blue ones for half of it.

  • Scarbs-belfast

    anuff hate banging frames from a company thats been doing things for skaters and keepin the ireland scene alive

  • wee Tony

    BEAST JAY, both Gormans are SICK

  • Anonymous

    cant you even spin right? looks gay when youre only spinning on one direction.

  • Adz

    “I can understand the appeal for the Kaltik flat frames, but the FS frame has been much less documented. What is it exactly that sets it apart from, say, the Mooks?”

    i think the thing that sets them apart from mooks is they come in maaaad colours. if your ever at a comp and theres a kaltik stall they usually have these unique one off sets where all the dye in the plastic has mixed they look sick! there are subtle differences. then they also have that flat setup frame which looks mad! i think xsjado only make kind of frame dont they?

  • Adz

    and you’ve always got to remember its skater owned! who’s knows better than us right?