K2 Fatty 2013

K2 Fatty 2013

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35 Responses to “K2 Fatty 2013”

  1. Eminem Says:

    These are bs. What 20 years and still the same old mold. Come back with the lennons and that different style, and add better ankle comfort then post that shit on the internet

  2. bagozzi Says:

    Erick Garcia Pro Models!

  3. Domi Says:

    exactly the same as previous year just a different color? what a shame!

  4. dudsik Says:

    exactly like my old fatty pro ’97

  5. Raspoulalar Says:

    What if Oxygen come back with Argons, … ??

  6. amaze Says:

    shame… K2 were and could be really good. Those King 55’s were amazing.

    I guess they’re going down the Valo/Nimh/SSM/Razors camp and using a 15 year old mold.

  7. Jason Says:

    ^ we’d all have that great backslide/royale groove again!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    K2 Lennon’s owns the fatty pro!

  9. The M Says:

    FUCK YOU K2….!

  10. bladerrr Says:

    Are you serious??!!
    That’s the 2013 model for a 50 year old company with a good budget??
    Invest, spend some money on designers and testers, create a new design, we are in the 21 century.
    This is a perfect example of non progress.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Lol’ing at my 1st pair of red K2 Fatty Pros back in 97/98! I was so excited to get them and they were the best until Solomon came :)

    Seriously though they would make so much more money even if all they did was make em lighter and throw in some more support! Haha

    Btw they fucked Louie….

  12. We Are Legion Says:

    If it wasn’t for the original Fatty I would have ever bought a pair of skates, I had never seen anything like them. Fast forward 17 years and they look identical. Shame on K2 for sucking dick like they do and never evolving, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for this skate.

  13. NotJulio Says:

    Erik Garcia will like those.

    Honestly just give the guy a pro model. He’s beast and is like one of the only guy still rockin’ k2s

  14. angelo ferrer Says:

    im so getting these fuck ya, these would be sick with a pb set up

  15. angelo ferrer Says:

    They did step there game up look at aggressive mall at there k2 section there varisity pro boot is sickk

  16. Jay Says:

    and winner for the most comfortable skate go to…

    cause my NIMH Shimas have always given me foot pain but yea the ankles are where these might get you

  17. Marcus Says:

    epic #fail

    jay get some xsjados and say goodbye to pain

  18. Zack D Says:

    Same shit, same smell.

  19. Noitsnottrue Says:


    Amazing developments!

    K2 produces the best and most innovative aggressive in-line skates on the


  20. Droopy Says:

    YES, K2 YOU MADE IT ! ! !

    my dream skates! (was something like that in ~ 1998.

  21. Al@n Says:

    How you (K2) suppose people to support your skates, when you guys no Pro Team or Team!

  22. pca4 Says:

    unless k2 is gonna bring out a new and improved 250cc …FUCK OFF!!!

  23. Tim Taylor Says:

    those are dope. All Black. i want

  24. Urbn^nja Says:

    Sigh. K2 keep doing what you are doing. I don’t see what else can be radically changed with boot designs these days. It’s like skateboards. How much more can possibly be changed especially considering how many boot companies are similar to each other. There is going to be a limit to how much change is possible aside from a cosmetic change.

  25. rollerblading is gay Says:

    louie tried to help you fuckers out and you fucked him. fuck k2 and yer old cuff ripping technology. hahaha

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Any news on new varsity’s ? the only new thing they need is the old k2 alu buckle :) the rest of the skate rules (best softboot/liner ever)

  27. FU Says:

    Wait, I though K2 where over with the aggressive game since Louie Z?

  28. hugo Says:

    varsity will be the exact same model for 2013.

  29. ronin Says:

    “What if Oxygen come back with Argons, … ??”

    LOL ! The cyan ones where pretty good.

    I used to love my Fatty ! They where so cool looking and so easier to skate that the competition at the time. But that was 15 years ago god damn it !!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Why can’t you just die K2? Or even better sell your skate patend to someone who cares.
    I was your biggest supporter back in the day, but you don’t give a shit about skaters, so fuck you and your shitty old skates…

  31. Pasin Says:

    Huuuuuuuge H-Block !

    remind me the good old days :D

  32. E. Garcia #JSF!!! Says:

    i Like These alot!

  33. AnthonyMedina Says:

    You doods just don’t get it. K2 was ahead of the game. If you ever skated Fattys you know they’re legit and there’s no reason to change em. They’re a price point skate for fucks sake.

  34. chicken dinner Says:

    whine fucking whine…..waaa k2 not making new skates.

    Why waste money when the sport is not making money and has around 10 different boot makers?

    Get more people skating and get rollerblading beack to 1998 level and they will make new skates.

    That being said all they would need to do is modify the base with a thin carbon or VII style soul and your set.

    k2 fattys are lighter than USD carbons and cost less

  35. Anonymous Says:

    100 bucks on K2 equals 100 lost bucks for rollerblading in general