Justin Brasco: USD, 2012 Roundup by Mike Torres

Justin Brasco: USD, 2012 Roundup by Mike Torres

Justin Brasco represents NYC, USD, and Undercover Wheels. Here’s a compilation of him killing it in 2012.

Filmed by Sam DeAngelis, David Dodge, Jason Reyna, Joey Scanella, Grif Kerry, Austin Paz, Dan Fabiano, Alex Ryerson, Matthew Watkinson, Christian Delfino & Mike Torres.

Song: Doldrums – Space Oddity.


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  • Anom

    hell yeah that was nice!

  • Nimh fan

    Whoa, that was awesome.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Really solid section! Way to go JB!

  • Martin Krutina

    nice skating and that zero fish was perfect!

  • http://www.taktika.lv Rob

    Outstanding- everything!! Powerful

  • Filip

    that was quality. every trick was solid

  • ChrisBray

    Thanks. That was refreshing.

  • Dis Dick

    Fuck… Never actually heard of this guy but that was a solid ass edit. Tricks were very nice (not amazing though), style is flawless, and it was nice to not hear any ghetto ass music in a USD edit. I’ve been eyeing that the ledge in that second to last clip for a long time and have never seen anyone hit it… mega respect to this dood.

  • Anonymous

    @ Dis Dick, by “I’ve been eyeing that ledge in the second to last clip for a long time” are you implying that you live in NYC? If so, have you seriously never heard of Justin Brasco? If so, we may want to question your definition of “long time”.

  • Anonymous

    that ender def needed to angles. looked so cool

  • Anonymous

    that ender def needed two angles. looked so cool.

    two. dweeb over hur.

  • Mr Cummings

    I heard Justin’s cuming over the the UK, I’m going to take him to some ill ass handicap rails in Leeds.

  • Doug Cupo

    That was fuckin sweet man…you the dude, Justin

  • Anonymous

    ive been blading for 12 years and i have never once felt the need to bouce off a fence to a rail…just saying

  • jimmy trimble

    man bout time something decent came out NYC, was starting to think the level had dropped there. I roll NY needs to start putting good skaters like this on their site and stop representing NYC badly……………props Justin for a dope ass edit!!!!!

  • Dis Dick

    @ Anonymous – I’ve lived in NYC on and off for a total of 3 years however I am currently living in Berlin. I don’t usually surround myself with other skaters, that said, I do have some and I’ve never heard his name mentioned once.

  • Anonymous

    really? how old are you guys, ive not followed skating for about a year now but if you know skating and you keep yourself in the know then you have heard of this guy. hes been with the truth and them dudes since the beginning… jeeeeeeeeeez

  • robyn collins

    Man yall is squares, this nigga was doing fakie out spin 540 top souls on hand rails as long as hoang phoung has

  • flip the script

    good work but that sam deangelis kid is fucking a brown noser word!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timmychanga

    I just peed blood.

  • Dis Dick

    @ Anonymous – I’m old bro. 33, been skating since I was 17. I still love the sport but honestly haven’t cared much for the scene since my mid 20’s. If it’s not on Rollernews, then I don’t know about it… and I’ve only known about Rollernews for about a year thanks to some of my younger skate friends. Before that I couldn’t name a pro that wasn’t from 97′-03′.

  • Broz

    That was mega boss.

  • Gashchugz

    Justin is a G Justin is a G Justin is a G

  • status quo

    great to see this guy put effort

  • robyn collins

    I’m that nigga parents don’t like they kids around.