Julien Cudot: The Ridz (2015) by Thomas Bouleau

Filmed in one hour in Paris, France.

Julien Cudot: The Ridz (2015) by Thomas Bouleau

Director / Cameraman / Editor: Thomas Bouleau. Calibrator: Clement Milot. Assistant Director: Adrien Clairaz. Filmed with: Sony FS700, Zeiss 21mm F/2,8, Zeiss 35mm F/2, Glidecam HD4000, Slow-motion 200fps. Music: Ibrahim Maalouf – Everything or Nothing.

Julien Cudot: More Media.

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  • Billy Prislin

    How does this kind of stuff even get posted? I have to fast forward damn near a minute to see two b.s. clips just to cut to credits.

    • Trueroller

      I agree 100%. If anyone wants to see real rollerblading download Broskows “Nowhere” section.

  • Gnaf Utopie

    Pas la peine de t’exiter Billy, il est evident et obligatoire que cette video toute nase n’a été faite que par provocation. Impossible de penser en faisant ça de croire réelement faire un truc interessant.

  • Marco Durand

    Il est où ce spot?

  • RuemliBlader

    well obviously this is not your average skate video that cuts out everything but the tricks and the landings, but a video that wants you to focus on the beauty of movement, which I see everyone appreciates