Julien Cudot at the NL Contest #2 (2007, Strasbourg)

Julien Cudot at the NL Contest #2 (Strasbourg).

Edit by Raphael Dos Santos.
Thanks Xsjado_Antoine (french topic)

NL Contest Results :

Street Pro:
1. Stephane Alfano
2. Stephane de Freitas
3. Mushroom
4. Julien Cudot

1. Julien Cudot
2. Oustiti
3. Patrick Zimmerman

Street amateur:
1. Lucas ?
2. Diego le suisse
3. Hugo de Sousa

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  • Half

    14ans et il fait quasiment tous les tricks des pros, son 1080 en rampe est énorme, son 900 en transfert est impressionant et le 450 royale sur handrail vu sa taille et son âge laisse présager un niveau de malade en streets dans quelques années!

    Respect Julien!

  • Cuzo

    Ya du gros niveau pour le skater là ya rien à dire !!
    Parce contre ce que j’ai pas aimé c’est tout les replay au ralenti =(

  • GYomRL

    Et alors Koubis, on t’ as meme pas vu … tu étais ou mec ???

  • kko

    Le premier amateur c’est Lukas Boucheret ! Aigth, Montpellier Represent !

  • Diego

    Mon nom c’est Diego GUILLOUD…
    Beau contest,beau tricks,belle sofia…ahah

  • Xsjado_antoine

    Yop désolé pour les noms dans le classement j’ai changé tout ca dans le topic de la partie française!
    A l’an prochain alors ? :p

  • http://www.myspace.com/bladers_only Vision Media

    And in english…..?lol
    im at school, in media studies.
    and cant watch the cunting video :@ !!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/razor_roller_07 Vision Media

    “When the cops come all i hear is whoop whoop whoop” (8) …..lol

  • Half

    Ouais bravo à toi aussi Didier, t’as un super niveau et un bon style (c’est de plus en plus rare de nos jours)! j’ai maté quasi tous les édits ou on te voyait!

  • becci

    dam julian kills it

  • http://myspace.com/aurorecostabile Aurore

    ah lala il me fait alluciné ce pti bonhomme. il ets adorable en plsu de ca. BRAVO Julien Clap clap clap !!!

  • http://www.stickitinherbutt.com toe-bee

    holy shit he skates pipe too?

    that kid is GOOD!

  • bivol mihai

    Nouvelle ligne weekend

    soooo siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

    and the street contest on monday was very very siiiiiiick

  • nouvelle ligne

    street pro:
    1: Stephane Alfano
    2: Stephan Defreitas
    3: Nicolas Schopfer
    4: Julien Cudot

    street am:
    1: Lukas Boucheret
    2: Diego Guilloud
    3: Hugo Desousa

    1: Julien Cudot
    2: Kevin Quintin
    3: Patrick Zimermann

    1: Bivol Mihai
    2: Stephan Defreitas
    3: Moise Valentine

  • Erik Nilsson

    one more slo mo and ill punch u in the face


    hes not even a true skater

    he has a trainer

    if it wasnt for his trainer he would be shit

    hes just lucky and rich

    a true skater has fun and loves the sport he does

    hes just in it for the front pages of magazines and money

    haffey isnt that good cause of a trainer
    haffey and skaters alike deserve so much credit
    they have true talent

    that kid doesnt have talent
    he just knows how to do shit because of one thing
    his trainer

    if he loved rollerblading he wouldnt have or need a trainer
    he obviously doesnt do it for the love
    just attention and cheap thrills



    oh yeah and you all know im right


  • ShAdY

    Il faut avouer que cette histoire d’entraineur est un peu zarb non?

  • omg

    how many slo mos do you want? maybe your right ^ but 1080, 720 flatspin holy shit.

  • Joe


    Only qualifications, video of the final coming soon.

  • oldman

    Maybe he is rich and lucky and he has a trainer, so what? He is sick and most rollers will never be that good with or without a trainer!


  • http://- corentin

    ALLEZ SOFIAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha

  • W.N.H 2

    first of all horrible edit. Reasons why. You don’t need a slo motion recap for every damn thing the guy does. I mean if he squints his eyes while poppin off a nasty ass fart are you gonna fuckin slo motion his eyes squinting. second bad angles too far. no follow throughs. I don’t know how much access you had to the park but yeah.

    Now the guy is really good. That one guy needs to stop cock riding and just face facts. Every highly paid athlete has a trainer. Jordan had one, his dad then his coach. gymnist have them, boxers have them hell even MMA fighters have them, the only way to get a trainer is by showing that you have a initial interest in the sport itself then going from there. Mike Tyson wasn’t knockin people out when he first started fighting. He learned from a guy while he was in Juvy. Trainers are a good thing guy, perhaps if you had one then you wouldn’t be so much on his dick talking about the guy like you’re his ex or something. I say please give me the chance where I could have a trainer so that I wouldn’t have 35 dislocations on the same shoulder, that would have saved me a lot of pain. everyone has a trainer when it comes to skating. We ask questions on tricks we don’t fully understand yet and every tip is a sort of training if you will.

  • yesss

    well stated wnh2

  • Raphaël Dos Santos (Raph Ds)

    Désolée pour mon montage a deux balles ^^ Mais bon pour les replay je sais qsé relOu mais c’était plsu pour un plaisir personelle a revori tout les tricks au ralentit moi jtrouve ca stylé =) Chacun son Avis

    de toute si l’edit plais pas tu ferme tg et t’en fais un mieu! =)

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