Julian Bah: Gawds Wheels, Pro Model Edit

Julian Bah: Gawds Wheels, Pro Model Edit

Visuals by: 9TO5DigiMedia.

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38 Responses to “Julian Bah: Gawds Wheels, Pro Model Edit”

  1. Phrigid Says:

    1:32 – my gawd… that was awesome. good edit…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    worst fucking song I have ever heard.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    in which 3rd-world-country was that filmed?

    good skating, nontheless

  4. yooo alex Says:

    swag swag swag he’s fuckin rapper nigaa

  5. Anonymous Says:

    poor julian………………………..

  6. Anonymous Says:

    lucky with erick rodriguez’s professional editing trying to get as much out of those little tricks cause julian’s skating really feels and looks really amateur.i guess professional skating is topsouls and top mistrials now and some scenary forgotten gaps

    yo julian check your rollerblade edits untill 2003.you might learn sumethin,again

  7. Anthony Duran Says:

    That was pretty chill. Let us not forget its a promotional edit, he’s most likely saving the better stuff for an upcoming team video. Still good to see him blading though.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sick edit but its time to retire that gray vneck tshirt that he’s been wearing the last 3 years. AM I RIGHT!?

  9. Tru Says:

    Dear Franky Morales: if your going to come up with a company called “GAWDS” why the hell don’t you have some GAWDLY SKATING IN THESE EDITS….This shit is soft as Girl Scout cookies…..like fist PJ and now this….y’all should change the name at the rates your goin so far..who’s next on the team? Niky Addams??? (the real blade god) I mean with edits like this..he fits right in….

  10. Anonymous Says:

    He won me over a little with the one fishbrain to darkside makio trick.

  11. Ronald Mcdonald NS UHMW Says:

    i dont know what is up with the name!!!! i guess it’s attention calling . some lines on the edit : i’m sure they were probably tied up with other things and didn’t have the time to make a KFC 3 quality edit. but for an intro to a new wheel company. they should have made a banging edit with some bigger shit. big props to gawds for starting their own thing though.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah! Fish to dark makio! Dope

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Oh GAWDS!

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Only GAWDS can beam into skate spots and make their shirts disappear when they grind with their soul. Proof (1:13)

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Jbah’s skating has gotten more refined and techy over the years. He still drops creative hammers and 1/2 the shit on here you would break yourself trying and I’m sure he did it in 1 take :D

    BAM ! GAWDZ NIG ! Now wish I only knew more about the actual product haha.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    what ever happened to M1 wheels? their DS wheels were kick ass!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    That was really good. Keep blading hard and ignoring pointless haters on rollernews that’s can’t do shit on blades. No is accepted these days. Fuck every hater alive. I wish you all the worst version of hating on the haters.

  18. Coco Says:

    He slaps much better than he skates.

  19. say what i wanna Says:

    Honestly only thing there slightly difficult was the gap to soul around the water. Everything else was easy. High hops is on a pro level with that sorry run up to Royale. Bah just isn’t that marketable. Too many burned bridges, too many 9/5 edits that were mediocre on his part. I personally like e. rod’s ability to capture skaters. Just bah needs to go back to the ego days.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    that one foots spinning cess slide was sooo fucking sick and grabbed. fuck everyone commenting on here. do you hate blading? everyone hates us why make it lame as shit with your weak ass comments FUCK YOU DIE ALREADY

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Jbah is the man and doin his thing. Who else on that old Razors team is even still around reppin blading ?

    Jbah’s got a new pro boot ! New pro wheels ! Do you thang boi :D

    Fuck da haters. inb4 he slaps Romina Casana !!!!!!! That girl is fine ummm…

  22. swag swag ducky swag Says:

    swag swag,

    good edit , keep skatin’ !

    swag swag

  23. mrace. Says:

    at the end of the day it would seem as though ego was his highlight, its mad because he still has it in him to do bangers, but just falling off, and like whoever said above burnt almost every bridge it would seem, just his attitude is the worst, on a personal and professional level, at winterclash he was a complete dick head, and his pro blade came out, that was the release for it and did he blade once, of course not, he is to cool for that, instead did some lame rapping and then stayed hooded up and out of sight, get a role model mate!

  24. Anonymous Says:

    He is the biggest waste of talent in rollerblading history. Not sure if the Coco slap set him back, but he fell far behind Montre and Sizemore and never caught up.

  25. trippy Says:

    personallly i want to see an edit that talks about the actual wheel WHYS it 40$ and dont tell me its cause franky owns it i wanna hear SOMETHING cause at least all the other companys talk about something when it comes to what there wheels are actually made off.. maybe these are really good street wheels? who knows but i wanna know cause now its bwtween these and dead wheels for me lol when it comes to new wheel companies to try out

  26. julian should read this Says:

    i think he started truly falling down the river somehow after 2007-2008 even though he still kicked it till Game Theory-after game theory he got destroyed by his own skating.

    i think somewhere after Checkmate somewhere after Winterclash 2008 cause i was there and saw him flowing around really enjoyable.

    i think he’s living the american-stoner-professional-inline-broke-skater dream.


  27. V neck grey shirt Says:

    Good for jb he still blading but the Skating was slow In the same boring spots . Tricks & Edit =2005 blading

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Jbah is #1 ! Adapt or die !

    To the haters…he didn’t skate at Winterclash because he spent the night before in the hospital getting stitches. He was injured during the warm ups. Check Adapts Instagram page if you don’t believe me.

  29. gayswagger Says:

    julian bah aka justin bieber of blading

    nigga wtf are you wearing!?

    niggas still listen brostep!?

  30. Anonymous Says:

    jbizzy nigga blade gang we out here gonna fishbrain yo mamma

    get dem gawdz wheel nig get dem stealth bladez

  31. Dr greenthumb Says:

    Last seconds when is making so much strenght to screw the wheel on the frame, the wheel doesn t spin its stucked is it normal?

  32. Anonymous Says:

    ^ well don’t screw your wheels so tight that they don’t spin lol : ) But yah you want them as tight as they’ll get up until than.

  33. Dr greenthumb Says:

    ^ so he looks and acts like a pro blader but he dont even know how to screw the wheels? Whell i guess if ure sponsored buy a wheel company its essencial to know how to work this things out, just sayin..

  34. Anonymous Says:

    He is a pro wannabe, not pro level skating, and not pro level attitude.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome. Hi five

  36. justin bailey Says:

    GAWDS. Almost as awesome as LIMP BIZKIT and KORN. Welcome back 1998.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    If i was in a room w Julien Bah, Hitler, and Bin Laden and had a gun with 2 bullets i’d shoot Julien Bah twice.

  38. haha Says:

    last two comments.