Julian Bah, David Sizemore & Mike Harper

Trs Progressive Skatepark

Skating at the Trs Progressive Skatepark.

Thanks Cozmik2crazy.

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17 Responses to “Julian Bah, David Sizemore & Mike Harper”

  1. Smashing Dumplings Says:

    Couple of nice darkside grinds from Bah, but other than that, very average, which is the standard expected from Rollerblade these days

  2. nothing special Says:

    another boring skatepark edit

  3. Danny Beer Says:

    J.BAH was murkin that park, dope clips on his part

  4. bsti Says:

    mike harper eher nicht so gut – David und Julian wie immer gut ^^

  5. allix Says:

    That’s kinda old.

    song name?

  6. d amkhinich Says:

    yeah i dont know why this is posted on rollernews…
    it was a mess around edit from a while back.

  7. THEBOSS Says:

    Sick grinds of Julian !!

  8. allix Says:

    pretty sick to be a mess around edit.

    mr.amkhinich, song name please? i’m dying here

  9. d amkhinich Says:

    i think it is green world – gorillaz.
    im not sure about the name but it is by the gorillaz

  10. flowskate Says:

    smashing dumpling
    your a faggot
    always have been always will be

    stop talking shit and go skate


    your too shit arent you?

  11. d amkhinich Says:

    Smashing Dumplings needs to get smashed by some dumplings

  12. steve Says:

    when will julian bah learn to lock on his tricks properly?

  13. farm Says:

    LOVE ROLLERNEWS………………… very rarely comment. J.Bah of course rocked. Sizemore sweet jersey, what the fuck is up with the filler clips of the makios though. Harper dude, super tight. Its cool that he skate for Blue Wallace, kids like him make that a rad ass shop. But the end what the fuck is up with another lame ass company. INFINIT………….gay couldn’t they have came up with a cool media name then that. Or even worse they probably are making some lame ass tshirts to go with this and other sweet little over fish eyed edits they make. FUCKING LAME infint dude! EDIT……………eh

  14. South Bronx Says:

    they did that in their sleep.

  15. hater Says:

    rollerblade sucks.tom hyer can suck a dick

  16. the dude Says:

    man that was kinda gay

  17. Hoodhood Says:

    rollernews is the shit.