Josh Nielsen: Seven Rats Section

seven rats

Video Offline.

Seven Rats by Craig Smith, More Sections: Matthias Ogger (Leftovers), Robbie Pitts, Isaac Callen, Leftovers + Trailer.

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  • Tomek

    Love it :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • rough cuffs

    Josh Nielsens and Isaac Callens sections are my favourites in seven rats! awesome!

  • Matt C

    great section for only a couple days filming Josh!

  • Matt S

    I really enjoyed that. Great section!

  • Mitchell M

    Great section! Just so chilled to watch and all done so clean!

  • Zack D

    Sickest skater, nicest guy.

  • the jan

    that was nice. smooth, style, skill

  • Domi

    damn. I haven’t heard of this guy before but from now on I’ll keep my eye open for him. he has such a nice style, has ill switchups, throws hammes…he is da man.

  • Anonymous

    hay 6 ratas… jaja

  • Wow

    Really enjoyed that. Super solid. Good work

  • sweet

    it’s nice to see some fresh passion in the blade game. seeing the same old people over and over again just gets boring, especially when there are so many talented bladers all over the globe. well done!

  • Adski

    Nice work J ness :D


    PINE ST represent!!!!!!!!!!