Josh Glowicki in Dag Days (2012)

Josh Glowicki in Dag Days

Quoting Anthony Medina:

The first in a series of promos I’ll be doing for Dag Days.

This short promo features some footage from Josh Glowicki‘s section along with some unused clips.

Dag Days is shipping anywhere in the world from my Big Cartel page, and it’s also available at SDSF, Intuition, Roller Warehouse, Bakerized, eRolling, and Tri-State Skate.

Song: Gramatik – Dream Big.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Blader Gang


  • Dis Dick

    Dood’s got nice style, wish it was a longer edit.

  • drew_amato

    suck a dick, people!

  • LacedWithSOB

    He ripped it. SteEze

  • Anonymous

    always talking about dicks huh amato? you must really enjoy them…

  • traducer

    yeah not sure what that comment was about??????

    here is his facebook

    Nice skating Josh. Good edit Ant.

  • swerve

    So much steeze and creative spots/ tricks.



  • damn!

    That was so sick!

  • josh petty

    Man fuck this nigga, I wonder is he imagines billy oneills cock in his mouth when hes skating.

  • matt hermanick

    Too bad I hurricane top souled a 3 stair back in 94 .

  • tony hawk

    This dudes sick

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, can someone please explain to m where the Billy Oneill refrenses keep coming from?

  • Kristian Payne

    I agree, where the hell does Billy O’neil even come into Glow’s skating. Are you simply mad because he has the greatest AO fish EVER!!!?

    Dope edit Ant, and amazing skating Glow, the last trick has been blowing my mind since the premier.

  • Anonymous

    best dude.

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  • Sascha

    ooho please, that yellow lumberjack shirt is it so not!

  • mr.fuler

    i fuck this guy very deeply,because they tricks smel like a shit,fuck you glowicki

  • Anonymous

    yeah nice, fresh skating. how that last a/o fishbrain was landed i do not know, he really really didnt wanna be on the end kink i suppose!