Jordi Mestre (Xsjado Flow): 2012 Edit by Mark Heuss

Filmed in Mallorca & Barcelona (Spain) by Antoni Salom, Steven Kielhorn, Carles Moll, Alberto Campo, Carlos Baillargeon, Guille Fernandez, Mark Heuss & Mr. Tripod.

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27 Responses to “Jordi Mestre (Xsjado Flow): 2012 Edit by Mark Heuss”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Simply AMAZING!

  2. ghorse Says:

    yess, technique skills and swagg

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t like the awkward style
    Nice tricks though
    And xsjados don’t suit him IMHO

  4. Anonymous Says:

    ^ exactly. Give us a Shane Conn edit and add him to the team you idiots!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    nice, very complete

  6. Dis Dick Says:

    Sort of a boring edit. The kid can skate fine, but I’m not sure he’d stand out in a group of skaters. There has got to be better option for people to flow.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    no deserving of flow status. should be on usd classics with that sloppy style. take galicciciciciicahahahaha with him too.

  8. Goonyone Says:

    I enjoyed it a lot. It had a different feel to it than every other edit that gets put on here. Lots of lines

  9. Dashon Says:

    I felt like his skating was fine enough to be flow. Sure there are other bladers that are better than him to be flow but they choosed him so who am I to judge. Besides, adding someone like him to the team is a breath of fresh air compare to current Xsjado team.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    An all-round nice edit. Great feel to it, and love the music! Could just chill out and watch hours of this.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    That was pretty good. Some big spots and no gay ledge tapping.

  12. ellsworth nostosha Says:

    stop fuckin around and put phillip moore on flow already. kid kills it.

  13. Bellow Says:

    Get tighter jeans mate

  14. Mike Cunt Says:

    Sean Knight for Pro

  15. Mi Cunt Says:

    Sean Knight for Pro

  16. Me Cunt Says:

    Sean Knight for Pro

  17. You Cunt Says:

    yeah that’s right

  18. Jessus Says:

    Really good edit I think, especially if that’s the “flow” standard. Really good cinematography and some really tight tricks in there, even if everything wasn’t super amazing it was solid.

  19. saa Says:

    Im curious as to who he has connections with, cause that seems to the the reason untalented rollerbladers are sponsered.

    Its who you know, not how good you are.

    His level of skating was no where near flow.

    Also, he was slanging crack in the beginning. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Its who you know, not how good you are.


  21. Anonymous Says:

    This guy is really solid, i liked it.
    But sponsor greg preston as well

  22. Anonymous Says:

    If a 3topsoul on a kinkrail is nowhere near flow, what is?
    Edit was allround really good.

  23. Cody Sagona Says:

    This edit was great. Many thanks.

  24. Darthroller Says:

    Here chap, that was amazing!

  25. Age Says:

    Stop hating! Shitty haters get a fucking life! Jordi killed with this edit and I have to say that he exceeds flow status, PUT HIM IN AM SPAIN!!

  26. E Subirá Says:

    If you can’t say anything good then shut the fuck up you haters. commit suicide, you haters.
    It’s not all about who is sponsored and why. You haters have a very small brain.
    There is no place in this beautifull sport for people like you… You silly hater!

  27. E Subirá Says:

    amazing edit Jordi!