Jon Julio: 36, Edit by Ivan Narez

Jon Julio: 36, Edit by Ivan Narez

Jon Julio began skating at the age of 14. Last week, he turned 36. He gave himself the best birthday present any guy could ask for: a day skating with his homies.

While he feels like 22 and his knees feel like he’s 50, Jon explains the work of putting out another section for Valo’s latest team video, FiVe. Dedicated to Florencia Pangan Julio

Song: Cars and Trains – Intimidated Silence.

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  • Dis Dick

    Julio was my first favorite skater and I’m glad he’s still doing his thing. As far as him still being pro… haha, of course he is, he owns all the companies he skates for. Either way, this edit was the truth. Good vibe with a nice, honest dialogue and some decent skating. Most importantly, it had heart. Happy Birthday Jon Julio. I hope you get another 22 years.

  • 30 years young still rolling

    Happy Birthday Jon! Still inspiring.

  • yawn

    all hail the sole creator of aggressive rollerblading and the internet

  • Anonymous

    Respect. Style for years. Puts in more work than anyone. Happy Birthday Julio!

  • Jaysan

    Pretty inspiring. I haven’t skated in ten years since my early 20’s, but fuck maybe this summer after NY thaws out I’ll try to strap em on again.

  • sirWILO

    Jon Julio the best style in the world. Mike Opalek very nice ;) I love you guys

  • Anonymous

    time is ticking away in the background…

  • Fredrik Andersson

    Thanks for what you are doing Jon!

  • chris

    22 years and still skating like a beginner!

  • sholto

    Thousands of styles have come and gone and his still remains the nicest

  • Anonymous

    Damn, this is so fuckin beautiful.

  • pcp

    soul this soul that, but hey 36….

  • MaryJane


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  • love good shit

    Nothing but love for this guy.

  • Anonymous

    happy belated birthday bro

  • cash

    Jon Julio is the fuck’n man! Awesome stuff.

  • Al@n

    Happy Belated Birthday Jon! Nice to see Opalek still blading….Respect both you are! I might not blade with Valo…but other your product (ThemGood & Youth Co.) I will support!!!

    Sincerely Alan

  • Old Maquiina

    Happy BirthDay Jon Julio!!! all my respect and best wishes to you from Colombia…Thanks for all your contribution!!!, Rollerblading owe too much….
    Keep rocking, keep Rolling!!!

  • Anonymous

    to whom thinks he is not pro level. i cant believe that. he is so fucking good still… so so good. amazing style, still creative. still so much heart. what a beautiful person. and an honest truthful human being. i love him. and i can honestly mean that from my heart. he really helped some of us through our lives. motivation. thanks jon.

  • sdfsd

    respect and thank for everything you have done and do for the sport,.. your a true insperation

  • The European Truth

    he has helped destroy rollerblading in the United States by encouraging you douchebag Americans to go small. Grow some balls julio.

  • Anonymous

    let’s all suck some Julio dick. Valo = worst skates and worst Pro team.

  • icey

    respect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Jon has done more positive things for rollerblading than anybody. If you can’t respect him and his passion for blading then you don’t belong on this website.
    Nice to see Opalek rolling too! I would rather see Jon soul a curb than see a 17 yr old kid hurricane topsoul a rail any day. Happy Birthday Jon!

  • Rob

    I can bet any of us wish we could be as half as good Julio is on his 36th b day edit.
    Happy skating!

  • macadengdeng

    Thank you Julio.


    Safe to say I probably wouldnt still be rollerblading if it wasnt for Valo and Julio.

    I dont even skate Valo’s, but the stuff they put out, year on year, footage, clothing etc is amazing.

    Julio deserves the status and wealth of Tony Hawk and I think it is a real shame Julio isnt on that level for all he has done for rollerblading. There is just no money in this industry at the moment which sucks.

    Jon is the perfect role model, and I will be drilling his sections into my children when they arrive.

    Hope you had an amazing birthday Jon! :)

  • Pete

    Inspired! Upmost respect to Jon and what he has done for blading, one of the purest forms of style. Continues to bring top quality skates grown men can be proud to roll!

  • Adrien

    It doesn’t look like he is having fun, it looks like he has to skate cause of his job.
    There is no more hapiness in his skating.
    No offences, it’s just my feelings when I watch the video.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    Props to John and Mike. Happy birthday John! Lets see how long we can do this thing!

  • Anonymous

    Is he still banging that rollerblading chick from England?

  • M.

    So much respect for him.
    Happy Birthday Mr Julio !

  • Mike

    All time favorite skater. Glad I told him a few years ago when I met him. His VG4 section changed my life. I stopped splitting time between skateboarding, biking, and blading, and just focused on blading. Best decision I ever made.

  • funny shit

    Jj its a great inspiration to everyone skate wise as a owner he does some good and some bad. Great thing starting imyta and blader cup. Bad dissing powerskating/usd. Good helping to support people lives. Bad forgetting people like cosimo, mike braud, eric s. J starr from his pro team. Great skating on such a level that he still influences riders. Bad his light series structural strength sucks. It was a good attempt to get away from the roces patent but the way he engineered them just showed his inexperience in functionality yet his style in eesign is still pretty dope. Great : his app , even if only we play it, it’s something to play for bladers by bladers. The bad:it’s only for iphone. Most people have android phones. It should’ve been on both os platforms. The great: he single-handedly kept roces afloat after their decline in this industry and kept them from selling their aggressive patent to another company like salomon did. The bad: his best product still uses roces skate design. That’s actually ok cause it works. The great making his own distribution company that has become the new rat-tail. The bad: stealing the design and chemical blend from another blader jon Elliott to co-create youth frames. Do what katilik and other companies like CO did and be original. Hell buy out bake frames and make those. The great: he was the first filipino pro in the limelight for our Industry which I’m sure helped influence the carson crew deeply. The bad: that pinoy pride keeps him from advancing his skates and other business ventures further and faster cause he thinks his idea is best.

  • Fearghal

    Jon Julio – what an inspiration!

  • smoker

    makes me proud to be a rollerblader!

  • debbie downer

    dont know if im the only one.but this shit makes me depressed as a roller and also a well known roller in the game…ive been doing this for years…most of yall know me…but the fact that us rollers dedicate so much of our time and engery into somthing..hoping the dream as kids would pay off…yes the travels nice..and ive had some of the best expereaces of my life because of rolling…but as i get older and more involved in the game..i just get more and more pissed tha fuk we do this yet we get paid little to nothing…the reason most of the best rollers in the world no longer skate is because once where outta high school..tha relaity of life sets in…and the income of rollers just doese not compet with everyday life expense…not to mention that the companys where sponcered by would rather make a profit off our name or image..rather than pay the proper royalties needed to suvrive in this game….im glad jj figured out that the only way to remain in this game is to have your own company and pay yourself…..why you think theres so many jj pro modles..not takeing anything away from jj (who deffently deserves everything he has) but as far as new talent..or even keeping the same talent witch help mold our industry…there left in the dust….i mean take aragon…i hurd he’s now getting a real job..and hes one of the best…if not THE BEST in the world…so inless somthing changes..and i mean fast..where all stuck in this down fall!!!!!sorry if im being a debbie downer..but some things just build up ya know.

  • GardenaMark

    Happy Birthday, Jon. Thank you for sticking with it for all these years! Keep rolling.

    @Funny Shit:
    I can’t tell if you’re dissing Jon or giving him props. Everyone makes mistakes, not everyone gets back up after making those mistakes and tries to use them to learn something. I do know that nobody likes to have those mistakes dug up and posted on the internet for everyone in the community–that they love and dedicate a good portion of their time and life to–to see.
    What a shitty way to wish someone a happy birthday.
    Mark from Gardena.

  • Anonymous

    He looks so bummed out when he’s skating. :(

  • donshishi

    @ chris : 22 years and still skating like a beginner!, the difference between jon and you is that he was the best skater in late 90s beginning 2k. he did more for rollerblading that most of people in the industrie. YOU you are just a fucking asshole posting shit on internet. Are you understand my point ? you are nothing nothing absolutly nothing even a fly is bigger than you so. go skating instead posting stupidity, it the same for anonymous in the middle.

    concerning Valo some people like some other hate it. me i m partaged but Majestic was great skates, less than throne but very great skates. Now i dont want to buy the price of USD Carbon for a 90s skate reedition.

  • Anonymous

    He’s not the best blader on planet or he was not the best but he made blading look like the best! people like him are the reason that people outside of blading say oh that shit looks cool right now!
    He kinda educated blading to what it is today

    The only reason people hatin on Julio is cause they don’t get an email back from their sponsor me tape

  • Anonymous

    Julio/ Valo is one of those few hands that feed blading, so i suggest you fuckers shut your ignorant mouths

  • Marcus

    A lifetime fully dedicated to our sport, all my respect and best wishes to you from Brazil. I have 33 yd and as Mike said when asked about when you stop: “You don’t. It’s in your head…”

    It’s not about to do the hardest spins or tricks, it’s about to enjoy the most great sensation in the world, put a pair of skates on your feet, skate around with your friends, feeling the freedom doing the most simple trick, but to you it’s the greater one.


  • 4114N

    thats all about man… beautifull footage!

  • Anonymous

    Happy 36th Birthday Jon Julio! Keeping doing what makes you happy until the day you drop off the planet!

    One love ..

  • Anonymous

    Jon Julio can suck my dick. Helped kill rollerblading in America.

  • funny shit

    @markgardena: a lot of props and a little frustrated in two things outta his whole career with a way to solve 1. I’ve Always looked up to his creative side. His skating is dope. Just that whole youth frame theft from gc is too much. I mean ok you steal Nike shoe designs so did USD with the Morales. But to steal from within the industry. Hence buy out bake frames. They’ll never get the money needed from what I see. So invest and give them the money. He tends to do things that are smart design wise but not business wise through engineering eyes. No disrespect just perspective. Afterall he was with fabby, rocked m12’s, made elements look like the skates that just killed razor and usd to death. So its not messed up if you see the business side. Just saying doing a great job, can you please work on these two small things.

  • Rodrigo Monster


    We southern Brazil, admire and respect their work and dedication!

    Continue as you are!

    Cheers from South of Brazil!