Jon Fromm: Farewell Fromm – by Brandon Andersen

Jon Fromm: Farewell Fromm - by Brandon Andersen

This was originally for a sponsor of Jon Fromm, however due to unforeseen circumstances it could not be used.

Jon spent his final months in ATL working on this project with me before he departed for Winterclash.

Please keep in mind me and Jon went out on weekdays in between our hectic work schedules, and Jon managed to do this while traveling back n forth between Florida for family things.

His dedication to this sport is second to none. I hope you enjoy this small piece.Brandon Andersen.

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  • guest

    someone didn’t get the contract that they thought they should…..

    The cold, hard truth: the world doesn’t understand or care about slap tap, death lens obscure blading. Yea, it’s hard but it’s not impressive especially when Nitro Circus exists.

    Bottom line, go bigger and harder with simple tricks.