Jon Fromm: “2013” Razors Edit by Max Manning

Jon Fromm

Jon Fromm

Additional Filming By George Holmquist and Kenrick Chiocca. Photos: 01, 02.

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28 Responses to “Jon Fromm: “2013” Razors Edit by Max Manning”

  1. jeph howard Says:

    too many hard spins. land forward more. also you’re missing the 80s music.

  2. damn Says:

    I am a fan of the burly style! hard tricks, nice control = win.

  3. 3M3M Says:

    real tight. keep it up.

  4. jon cooley Says:


    dat comeback soon!

  5. filip Says:

    quality edit. could have used a few switch tricksters tho

  6. Dood Says:

    Solid,but you did too many regular spin tricks.Do some switch!

  7. SteeZ Says:

    Whooaa, This is sooo SICK! This guy RIPS! Keep em comin!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    this fucker is SO good, im fucking disgusted with it

  9. kboos Says:

    savagery +1

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  10. Sorryubroke Says:

    So good rail skating no tap dancing on lil curbs , sick as fuc

  11. dude Says:

    That was really good! So many solid tricks! and the hurricane fish was really nice, most people just barely land it, that was clean!

  12. shootmeinthebutt Says:

    surprisingly really good!

  13. Kaspa Says:

    This is where guys like John Fromm have time to shine, when skaters like the Kelso’s, Aragon and Farmer decide to keep their skating more chill and low key, guys like john are able to show their true talent and not be cast into the shadows of mainstream rollerbladers.

    Keep this shit going!

  14. robyn collins Says:

    Aye fromm, nigga you make my butthoe sweaty and buttery

  15. Ranter 9000 Says:

    Love Jon Fromm ! His section in COTF is next level : )

    Clean style shred hard and is dedicated !!!

  16. the year 2003 Says:

    hey jon gromm thanks for keeping me alive in your skating, clearly you havent enjoyed a skate video past 2003 and it shows. good work and again thanks for celebrating what skating looked like back then even after 10 years have passed

  17. Anonymous Says:

    shitty gay gay shitty gay shit faggy shit sucks

  18. datta boy jon! Says:

    ts tp was switch :B

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Last rail was in something about mary

  20. Maine Says:

    The gay comment from 2003 , u fat piece of shit ur an idiot ,

  21. Twistedfate Says:


    Song ? :)

  22. beavis Says:

    1only good tricks, sick

  23. Anonymous Says:

    This guy’s gonna be dropping some hammers in South Africa soon!

  24. Geoff at Sunshine Scooters Says:

    We at razors like to promote the more generic side of skating. Jon is the perfect example of this. We love when our team puts no thought into spot or trick selection. Just go hurricane a typical downrail. It’s better like that.

  25. Dixon Bainbridge Says:

    To be constructive. It’s only disappointing to see someone so good with such shallow vision of how to display their skating. That should’ve been a minute and been only the great shit. You gotta know that someone with a quarter as much skill as you could’ve laced those bank to rail clips no problem…..right?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Dude is too beast, that hardspin fish, that half cab top soul transfer .. hes always coming out w| about 2-4 edits a year and has been killing it for a while now

  27. datta boy jon! Says:

    wow you kids are fucking cunts on here. savy up this dudes the man.

    sorry he doesn’t like john maus and not washing his hair.
    get over your pathetic little “has to be this way” horse shit…ya’ll might make it some where.

  28. Scottish Says:

    All you fucker s that are going about this edit saying dum shit like don’t land back wards 80 s songs <<—what fucks going with that this edit sick sinecs when have we being so bother a bout what songs go on to a video viny Minton did not have 80 song in his vids or mick mudra .as for going backwards. Lot stock well ? And he's sick to and what the fuck the prob with hard spins Maby he enjoys that trick ? I am sad to see the time has cum when u are tolde how u should skate in not just like that this is sumone view on there skating I am not for mushroom skating or 80 songs But if sum one tells me how I should skate thay can fucking rim me