Jon Cooley: Cleancut 2013 Edit by Mikey Petrack

Jon Cooley: Cleancut 2013 Edit by Mikey Petrack

Jon CooleyPanhandle Pow-Wow 2013 Heavyweight Champion (Results).
Previously: Jon Cooley, Remz Flow Edit by Jason Hampden. (Photo).

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  • Jon Cooley

    hell naw, contests only with flips, not necessary in a street section.

  • Reetzke

    Good shit Cooley. Keep it up. Good meetin ya at BCSD!

  • Dustin Latimer

    Arlo and I have been watching this on repeat! Namaste you guys!

  • Anonymous

    steeze over stunts. good job misty flipping your way into first for no legitimate reason and get this shit out of here. any other person would have refilmed every one of those tricks for improper execution..its frustration to watch such shit get approval from nobodies but pros get tore up when they are skating properly. stunts are cool, but at least land your fucking trick correctly. take your baggy pants and sketchy landings back to 2002 fag.

  • Mikey Petrack

    Sounds like somebody missed a Yoga class this morning…

  • Jon Cooley

    ^^^ haha this guy, you can talk all the shit you want with the tag anonymous, which just means you have either made absolutely no name for yourself in the blading industry, or you are scared to tell me who you are cuz you know it will be a beating.

  • Jon Cooley

    also, you didnt win powwow, i did, 1G in my pocket, flips or not, so have yourself a large fucking off…

  • Nathanc

    hahaha, ftw.

    I love this. Congrats dude.

  • MF

    last trick was so epic. I really want to see broskow and other bladers start to do more wall to rail tricks. shit is ridick

  • shred

    kid sucks bad bad bad

  • Jan Hauser

    Jon Cooley you are a good skater – no doubt -, but you look like a pompous dick with your comments. Be a lil’ more humble.

  • Anonymous

    Your a fag for trolling your own edit on here like really dude

  • Jon Cooley

    fuck off Jan Hauser

  • Anonymous

    trying to defend yourself on here just proves what a dick you really are

  • P

    Why would he not defend himself? You give Jon shit on here, proving you’re a twat, he defends himself on here, proving he is a real person!

    Well in Jon

  • gottalovethisguythough

    style: out the window.

    SPEED AND JUST HAMMER THAT SHIT hahaha love your ways sir

  • Carl W.

    Jon Cooley Says:
    May 8th, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    “also, you didnt win powwow, i did, 1G in my pocket, flips or not, so have yourself a large fucking off”

    This is not defend.

    This is pure egoism! It’s not good when talent meets with – fucking – big ego. Actually i cannot respect an egoist person, and it doesn’t matter how good he is in anything.

  • Mikey Petrack

    Did you ever think it may be a FAKE JON COOLEY!!!?!?!?!?! :O !!!!! o_O

  • Anonymous

    nope i sure didnt. met the kid at powwow and thats exactly how he talked

  • ThomasMartin


  • Jonathan Cooley

    people posting stuff with my name on it, not tight…

  • ThomasMartin

    PS mono roll clip was sickkkk

  • BP

    Rather have Cooley in this industry, than the rest of you no talent fucks!!!! He is not cocky, he just amazing at skating and if that comes off as cocky than maybe you guys should get better at skating before you judge him!!!

  • Bhughes

    Obviously none of yall have skated with Jon, super awesome dude, and extremely skilled rollerblader.

  • President Obama

    You know people can post with fake names right guy? Thank You and Goodnight America.

    – P. O$

  • Bhughes

    I use the same name on here that i do on Be-mag. Because im not a little bitch.

  • Alx Jones

    nigga dat ez. but really, that was dope.

  • Alx Jones

    Let me borrow dat stack. homie gotta get a new whip.

  • Blake hyatt

    Jon, you ripped this edit, ripped the powwow andd proceed to rip everyone who doubts you a new one.

  • Thisismyrealname Joe

    Mikey Petrack Says:
    May 9th, 2013 at 2:25 pm
    Did you ever think it may be a FAKE JON COOLEY!!!?!?!?!?! :O !!!!! o_O

    So you are a fake Mikey Petrack too.

  • Anonymous

    cooley did an excellent job of making himself look like an asshole. almost no need to hate on this one…almost….

  • joey adams

    people hatin. what a damn shame. sick clops though and that AOwally to top soul was nutz. COUNT IT!

  • Bballog

    Last trick WTF great edit

  • Tree Frog

    Cooley, you are my hero!
    I want to give you a high five wit my large hands!