Jon Cooley: Cleancut 2013 Edit by Mikey Petrack

Jon Cooley: Cleancut 2013 Edit by Mikey Petrack

Jon CooleyPanhandle Pow-Wow 2013 Heavyweight Champion (Results).
Previously: Jon Cooley, Remz Flow Edit by Jason Hampden. (Photo).

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84 Responses to “Jon Cooley: Cleancut 2013 Edit by Mikey Petrack”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Last trick was nuts!!!!

  2. whoooo Says:

    so good! last trick got me goin likeee whaaaaatttt?

  3. kboos Says:

    Lasssssssssssssssttt trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Pow wow! Last trick was pretty sweet broham! And good edit MP :)

  6. zakiechan Says:

    Last trick ftw!!!!!!!

  7. Luke Says:

    This dude is just beyond good! Check out his older edits! He´s puttung his all into it!

  8. kaltik Says:

    wow that was SICK !

  9. sdfsd Says:

    first and last trick omg

  10. jean Says:

    MOS DEF!!!


  11. Golfcube Says:

    Last trick was a/the next step in rollerblading!

    No tapping antics, S I C K E D I T! – tapping (technic) is only good in guitar


  12. Ben Shelbourne - REAL Says:

    Jon Cooley – aka Coco’s next boyfriend until someone else wins a blading competition next week

  13. Ben Shelbourne - REAL Says:

    * new boyfriend

    Soz guys was meant to say NEW

    You know, new as in “oh man nice NEW jeans your legs look good”


  14. ThomasMartin Says:

    The High Country representative handling shit. Boone, NC bitches. Too bad I couldn’t see any the tricks due to excessive lens flares. Nice job, Mikey P.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Frog. Frog. Frog. Frog

  16. crob Says:

    you can do all that but you still cant roll a spliff?

    keep it up cooooley

  17. josh p Says:

    somebody write this man a monthly check

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe the tag “Monster trick” can be add?

  19. BP Says:

    Beast mode from the beast himself, get it Cooley!!

  20. bio540 Says:

    fuckk yeaaa!
    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  21. santa Says:

    Last trick = next level shit !!!!!

  22. Mikey Petrack Says:

    Dear Thomas Martin,

    You are an idiot.

    Mikey Petrack

  23. ThomasMartin Says:

    Mikey P. We will fist fight. I will film it and you can lens flare out the ass kicking you will receive.

  24. Jon Cooley Says:

    ^^^ hahahahahah best shit

  25. Anonymous Says:

    last trick was woah

  26. hahha Says:


  27. Mikey Petrack Says:

    Challenge Accepted.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    That whole edit was awesome – so many sick skaters I’ve never heard of these days.

  29. Coco Says:

    Sup ! Just to clear things up I love Jon : ) Not just cause he won Pow Wow… that does help a lot though and I prob won’t like him after…

  30. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Congrats John! Last trick shows the Jedi within. Love it.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Last trick was such a tap you did not grind at alllll it would of been sick if you locked on more then an inch of the rail. Sorry I wouldnt count it. But rest of edit was sick

  32. what? Says:


    short. Please go back

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Last trick was incredible, never seen anything like it

  34. Mikey Petrack Says:

    “Last trick was such a tap you did not grind at alllll it would of been sick if you locked on more then an inch of the rail. Sorry I wouldnt count it. But rest of edit was sick”


  35. Jon Cooley Says:

    hey anonymous, at least i now know i can do that trick on bigger shit in the future, and i can guarantee you wouldnt ever try that, so…I win

  36. Mikey Petrack Says:

    ^^^ All this and a bag of butt sauce.

  37. portas Says:

    Did this years ago

  38. Ben Shelbourne - REAL Says:

    Can you get this guy to hit me up on Facebook? Want him to be in my next vid, it was show what REAL editing is!

  39. avery ungaro Says:

    his frog like abilities are just unreal

  40. CG Says:

    gg man gg…..last trick though like whaaat

  41. Anonymous Says:

    you just progressed the whole of blading with that last trick there budy

  42. Alro Says:

    Hey bros just so you know when I ninja wall plant to 270 AO top soul i DO IT WITH STYLE ! Also I do them with my eyes close and was doing them before they where cool …

    Sup ? Wanna fight ?

  43. dah Says:

    Jon straight handles business every time he lases up
    Genuine love for hammer skating

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome skating!

  45. Justin Bailey Says:

    DUDE. last trick? C’mon now.

  46. hundredpercernttruth Says:

    I remember when i did a 540 wallride to 360 true top acid on a rail like that (ok, that was a lil bit steeper), unfortunately there were no cameras in the near… :/

  47. Cooper Says:

    Didn’t like his style very much. For a while I thought it was a French edit.

  48. rol247 Says:

    didn’like the style but damn… last trick was OSM!

  49. Mr. scientist Says:

    i cannot believe people can hate on this. you sorry ass bitches
    last trick was mindblowing, made me think DL so thank you for that Jon

  50. every rollerblading contest Says:

    damn, no misty flips?

  51. Jon Cooley Says:

    hell naw, contests only with flips, not necessary in a street section.

  52. Reetzke Says:

    Good shit Cooley. Keep it up. Good meetin ya at BCSD!

  53. Dustin Latimer Says:

    Arlo and I have been watching this on repeat! Namaste you guys!

  54. Anonymous Says:

    steeze over stunts. good job misty flipping your way into first for no legitimate reason and get this shit out of here. any other person would have refilmed every one of those tricks for improper execution..its frustration to watch such shit get approval from nobodies but pros get tore up when they are skating properly. stunts are cool, but at least land your fucking trick correctly. take your baggy pants and sketchy landings back to 2002 fag.

  55. Mikey Petrack Says:

    Sounds like somebody missed a Yoga class this morning…

  56. Jon Cooley Says:

    ^^^ haha this guy, you can talk all the shit you want with the tag anonymous, which just means you have either made absolutely no name for yourself in the blading industry, or you are scared to tell me who you are cuz you know it will be a beating.

  57. Jon Cooley Says:

    also, you didnt win powwow, i did, 1G in my pocket, flips or not, so have yourself a large fucking off…

  58. Nathanc Says:

    hahaha, ftw.

    I love this. Congrats dude.

  59. MF Says:

    last trick was so epic. I really want to see broskow and other bladers start to do more wall to rail tricks. shit is ridick

  60. shred Says:

    kid sucks bad bad bad

  61. Jan Hauser Says:

    Jon Cooley you are a good skater – no doubt -, but you look like a pompous dick with your comments. Be a lil’ more humble.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Your a fag for trolling your own edit on here like really dude

  63. Jon Cooley Says:

    fuck off Jan Hauser

  64. Anonymous Says:

    trying to defend yourself on here just proves what a dick you really are

  65. P Says:

    Why would he not defend himself? You give Jon shit on here, proving you’re a twat, he defends himself on here, proving he is a real person!

    Well in Jon

  66. gottalovethisguythough Says:

    style: out the window.

    SPEED AND JUST HAMMER THAT SHIT hahaha love your ways sir

  67. Carl W. Says:

    Jon Cooley Says:
    May 8th, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    “also, you didnt win powwow, i did, 1G in my pocket, flips or not, so have yourself a large fucking off”

    This is not defend.

    This is pure egoism! It’s not good when talent meets with – fucking – big ego. Actually i cannot respect an egoist person, and it doesn’t matter how good he is in anything.

  68. Mikey Petrack Says:

    Did you ever think it may be a FAKE JON COOLEY!!!?!?!?!?! :O !!!!! o_O

  69. Anonymous Says:

    nope i sure didnt. met the kid at powwow and thats exactly how he talked

  70. ThomasMartin Says:


  71. Jonathan Cooley Says:

    people posting stuff with my name on it, not tight…

  72. ThomasMartin Says:

    PS mono roll clip was sickkkk

  73. BP Says:

    Rather have Cooley in this industry, than the rest of you no talent fucks!!!! He is not cocky, he just amazing at skating and if that comes off as cocky than maybe you guys should get better at skating before you judge him!!!

  74. Bhughes Says:

    Obviously none of yall have skated with Jon, super awesome dude, and extremely skilled rollerblader.

  75. President Obama Says:

    You know people can post with fake names right guy? Thank You and Goodnight America.

    – P. O$

  76. Bhughes Says:

    I use the same name on here that i do on Be-mag. Because im not a little bitch.

  77. Alx Jones Says:

    nigga dat ez. but really, that was dope.

  78. Alx Jones Says:

    Let me borrow dat stack. homie gotta get a new whip.

  79. Blake hyatt Says:

    Jon, you ripped this edit, ripped the powwow andd proceed to rip everyone who doubts you a new one.

  80. Thisismyrealname Joe Says:

    Mikey Petrack Says:
    May 9th, 2013 at 2:25 pm
    Did you ever think it may be a FAKE JON COOLEY!!!?!?!?!?! :O !!!!! o_O

    So you are a fake Mikey Petrack too.

  81. Anonymous Says:

    cooley did an excellent job of making himself look like an asshole. almost no need to hate on this one…almost….

  82. joey adams Says:

    people hatin. what a damn shame. sick clops though and that AOwally to top soul was nutz. COUNT IT!

  83. Bballog Says:

    Last trick WTF great edit

  84. Tree Frog Says:

    Cooley, you are my hero!
    I want to give you a high five wit my large hands!