John Bolino: Pariah Profile by Adam Johnson

John Bolino: Pariah Profile

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52 Responses to “John Bolino: Pariah Profile by Adam Johnson”

  1. ronin Says:

    Balls, huge tricks, technical tricks, perfect clean style, creativity, interesting spots and great light and editing ! And the Oscar for the best skating video goes to … Pariah.

  2. cris Says:

    He fucked every spot in the ass…

  3. Helmit brah Says:

    That edit was all fine and dandy but he forgot to wear his helmit so none of those tricks count. Safety first

    Helmit movement 2012

  4. Anonymous Says:

    SSM=WORST SKATES Shima fucked over Montre

  5. cyrille Says:

    the best edit ever made…..

  6. whoooo Says:

    unreal unreal unreal unreal

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Dammit, i hate this kid but i must admit that he’s fu***ng good…

  8. Sholto Says:

    Skating = 10/10

    The desperate effort to act like a rockstar but look embarrasing = 11/10

  9. Anonymous Says:

    farmer fucked up almost every fisheye shot haha.. anyways, BEASTMODE

  10. Anonymous Says:

    ridiculous skill……………..

  11. Ninjabeat Says:

    Wow! Last trick… and the previous one… and all the rest

  12. trippy Says:

    in the last few seconds of the edit it looks like that was dom bambrick with that black beanie on …WHERES SR.BAMBRICK! sick edit though!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    jonjon is the best looking blader right now, hands down. id do him.
    just the tip, though.

  14. Lluis Says:

    No words, he is form another planet!

  15. lmflme Says:





  16. spoiler/show Says:

    /head asplode . fckin sickness sick fckin sick

  17. Mat Says:

    I prefer his section in regardless and Broskow’part in pariah.

  18. Boris Says:

    Hammers all day! Big ups, JB!

  19. mr.choreography Says:

    best skater this year

  20. PoPO Says:

    he is the future. Shima push him!!

  21. Joe Says:

    get’s better with every section, skater of the year!

  22. traducer Says:

    the best edit ever made hands down he is so good

  23. Rol''gang Says:

    A great section. Get money, fuck bitches. PEACE

  24. BLADER GANG Says:

    Nigga Fuck Montre nigga, dis nigga Bolino is all SSM needs, dis nigga be rippin shit up nigga! he out here

  25. kboos Says:

    Wow, what a section !

  26. duckfood Says:

    He killed Albuquerque in that edit

  27. chicken little Says:

    Bolino will eat your father and backslide the shit out of your mother

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I love this video! This and Ground Control were both fucking sooo damn good!

    Jon Jon is the best skater right now!

  29. Amon Seria Says:

    I really wish he would be himself. As good as he is it’s hard to watch his section because this is a guy who is not being himself. And there is big fucking difference between representing a product you’re sponsored by, and being a product of your sponsor.

    All I see with bolino is a guy who looks the way Shima looks. I’m sorry but skaters don’t get paid enough to go out like that. SSM lacks diversity among other things. We all can’t wear vests. Just another drone.

  30. Dooooooood! Says:

    Rules to a jonjon bolino video section:

    1. Do a bad ass trick roll away pouting like zoolander
    2. Do a bad ass trick roll away pouting like zoolander
    3. Do a bad ass trick roll away pouting like zoolander
    4. Do a bad ass trick roll away pouting like zoolander

    Finally end doing a bad ass trick, pout, but act all rockstar.

    Section done!

    Broll: pout and drink pout again

  31. Anonymous Says:

    It’s official John Bolino makes Broskow. look sketchy!

    Best edit I’ve ever seen with some of the biggest tricks ever landed !

  32. Anonymous Says:

    how is this news? why is everyone such faggots on here?

  33. paul Says:

    This kid flat out shreds harder than pretty much any other skater out there at the moment. Seen hammers like this from the early 2000’s, but nothing with this much style and control. Sick!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    your all ruining rollerblading.this section is seamless.

  35. f.o.r. Says:

    lu-kang into the roof then jumping off… kid wasn’t kidding when he had mentioned he’d like to grab everything and see it that way!! props sunny

  36. Mr Generic Says:

    I haven’t seen anything that clean since Kevin Gillan. Holy fuck.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Dave Lang

    Dear Rollerblading,

    I’m clearing up this Montre thing once and for all. I’m starting to feel sick over all of the hate being projected onto someone that I truly have respect for, Brian Shima.

    After Blading Cup, Montre decided to change his flight back to North Carolina and spend some time out at Woodward with me. Fun
    ny enough, we ended up doing this twice and turned into one of the best times I’ve had in a while. During his stay here, I first heard of this whole rumor that Montre was switching companies. I don’t find my two cents on the Internet because quite frankly, nothing stated on any forum or message board is true. Especially when someone hides behind an alias and, (the ever so popular, “Anonymous”.

    I’m stating this outright, I heard the entire conversation that Montre had with Shima. Yes, they spoke on the phone, nothing was taken care of through a text message .

    Do you really think in all of the years Brian has been skating, that he would handle this situation in such an unprofessional matter?


    Shima has infinite respect for everyone on his team.

    Brian checks in with me regularly just to see how everything is going. He asked the same when he called me that day. I threw the phone on speaker and Montre and I passed the phone between us. At one point Brian asked me to give the phone to Montre, unannounced to Brian that he was on speakerphone. It was at this point that Shima and Montre began to talk.

    Shima said “…You know, I’ve thought long and hard about this, for weeks now… Really REALLY thought about it… And I think that you deserve something better than what the company is able to offer you right now… And I’m reluctant saying it, you know… But I had to think back to myself and my situation when I was on USD… I left USD when it was the at it’s peak because I knew I could do better for myself… I wanted to skate for you USD, but at the same time I had to do what was best for me… And you should too Tre, you have your son and you need to be taken care of for what you do… You’re the most marketable blader out there right now and you’re killing it. And it’s going to hurt us letting you go, but I’m ready to drop Andy (Razors) an email and let some other people know that you’re a free agent if you want…”

    I was kind of shocked at what Brian had just said. Montre sat there for a second and thought. He responded saying “Yeah, I mean, you know I’ve talked to USD and all that. You know my heart is in SSM, but I hear what you’re saying… And it’s a tough choice to make…but I guess I’m going to call up Demetrious (USD)…”

    At this point that there was a lot of silence between statements. Montre and Brian continued to go back and forth, but nothing ever escalated into any sort of disagreement. The tone in their voices were never argumentative, in fact the whole conversation was calm the whole way throughout. I grabbed Haitian magazine and did my best to tune out what was happening on the couch across from me. As you can imagine, it’s a bit awkward it is sitting there and hearing something I shouldn’t even be tuned in on.

    Montre and Shima went back and forth a bit more and hung up on what sounded like a good note. I looked up from the magazine, and Montre handed my phone back to me. We talked for a bit and he seemed uncertain as to what he was going to do. He said at one point ” SSM is my team. I helped put that team together. I’ve been there since NIMH… I’ll miss hanging out with all the dudes and traveling with John. I love those dudes. I don’t know we’ll see what happens…”

    Throughout that week, we would talk every so often about it. Montre had expressed thoughts about riding the rest of the year out and honestly, I was really happy hearing that. But it was the last we had spoken before I’d dropped him off at the airport the following Monday.

    I don’t know if Brian and Montre’s discussion went on any further than that.

    Montre has become a very close friend of mine and I knew that whatever decision he made would be the right one for himself. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and knew that Montre would be well off no matter what. I mean after all, he’s Montre; plain and simple.

    Though I was disappointed at the reality that had become Montre’s departure from SSM, I was even more disappointed about the outward display of hatred on the Internet.

    What world are you living in out there?

    Why do you feel as though you need to express your opinions so negatively?

    Each and every one of you are capable of so much more.

    I’m not here to take sides. I’m not here to express any hate. I just so happened to hear a piece of information that turned itself into a calamity.

    I’m asking you to please reevaluate what you say before you say it. Especially when you don’t know the full story.

    I’m wishing the best to Montre and all his future endeavors. You know what’s right for you, dude.

    All the best,

    Dave Lang

  38. Amon Seria Says:

    Where is the hate?

  39. Anonymous Says:

    SSM=WORST SKATES Shima fucked over Montre…………still

  40. forgot a few things Says:

    im glad you made this comment dave but you forgot to mention the real reason people are hating on shima. if everything was so kosher when they split why did montre write some shit like ” wtf thats how i find out” on his fb/twitter? because i guess he found out he was off the team from the website first. also everyone has been hearing he never got his royalties for all those montre skates that sold. can you address those two things?

  41. Doug Says:

    It’s simple, the comment Mpntre made about “wtf thats how i find out” HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ROLLERBLADING. People just assumed this. Also Montre has RECEIVED ALL OF HIS ROYALTIES FOR SKATES WHEELS AND FRAMES, so another misconception there. Plain and simple believing what you hear second hand on the internet is like reading tabloid…not much truth just drama.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Bolino just brought back skating. Wow!

  43. NotBroskow Says:

    Montre for Razors!!!

    SL though.
    Would be kinda akward if he rode cults… aka ssm lights.

    inb4 if valo is roces with skins and valo light is lighter valo with again a skin..
    waht the heck is m12? lightest skate on planet?


  44. NotMontreLIVINGSTONED Says:


    but dude.. the satanist stuff and whatnot……

    just chill.

  45. Amon Seria Says:

    Rollerblading has officially fallen off. The dumbest shit ever…

  46. jdouggie Says:

    he should go back to salomons and wearing beanies like when he was 14

  47. Anonymous Says:

    The only thing wrong here is that most of you are seeing this for the first time… And it came out in February. What you just watched is called a video part, not a edit. Big difference.

  48. KJ Wolf Says:

    that last trick…and every other trick…but def that last trick

  49. cocksuckers Says:

    Amon Seria Says:
    November 4th, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    “I really wish he would be himself. As good as he is it’s hard to watch his section because this is a guy who is not being himself. And there is big fucking difference between representing a product you’re sponsored by, and being a product of your sponsor.

    All I see with bolino is a guy who looks the way Shima looks. I’m sorry but skaters don’t get paid enough to go out like that. SSM lacks diversity among other things. We all can’t wear vests. Just another drone.”

    you are a fucking idiot and i hope you burn in hell along with all of you other fucking morons. all of you internet faggots need to fucking kill yourself

  50. dave h Says:

    That was so good. How can anyone hate on this. Tech hammers that were laced absolutely perfect. Best section I have seen I a whilee

  51. Anonymous Says:

    ssssooooooooooo good that make me dream about flying

  52. Anonymous Says: