John Bolino: Friends you can eat Section + Bonus

Edited by Devan Stewart, Friends You Can Eat is featuring sections on Taylor Monnig, Xathan Stewart, Britt Myslikinski, Jonathan Rebert, Jon Bolino, Kenny Scherf, Devan Stewart and features other dudes like Luke Kimberly, Eric Gentile, Alec Gentile and other AZ bladers (via).

john bolino

Photo (right):

[Bonus] Friends you can eat: Trailer + Full Video



Britt Myslinski

Xathan Stewart


Jonathan Rebert

Weekend warriors section

Devan Stewart

Taylor Monnig

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27 Responses to “John Bolino: Friends you can eat Section + Bonus”

  1. Smashin Dumplings Says:

    yeeeaaaaaa first!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    First off, I like to party!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    more small obstacles. hes falling far behind skaters like cudot, CJ, sizemore abrate and montre

  4. danny beer Says:

    simply amazing. line at 0:56 was fuckkkkkkeed.

    this is street skating boys

  5. good skating Says:

    but whats with some of those small tricks? jonjon goes big and kills it so why not make an entire edit of that?

  6. marselis Says:

    Those are some legendary spots! I can’t beleive people still skate “The Wedge” ledges. That was the dustiest skate park back in 1999.

  7. hahaha Says:

    i don’t care about jon…. but that hurricane sweaty on the ledge was fucking scary.

    first off i like to party comment was hilarious…

    i wish rollerblading wasn’t so “cool” now a days…

  8. Anonymous Says:

    What is up with that kid in the beginning of the montage? He looks like he just smoked some salvia or something

  9. skaters are gay Says:

    john you look like fag change your hair n cloths

  10. fhdgdfh Says:

    what the fuck was that full cab kind grind all about on that drop ledge?

    what the fuck. ? (question mark) ?

  11. Daddy Dick Says:

    Goodness Gracious

  12. a Says:

    “more small obstacles. hes falling far behind skaters like cudot, CJ, sizemore abrate and montre”


    get fucking real. jon does stuff those other dudes (minus livingston) will only dream of. on another level. your opinion is moot.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Sickk shit.. that 360 hard spin sweatstance on that ledge was NUTS! shut the fuk up u haterzzz

  14. danny beer Says:

    abrate… HAHAHAHAH. dude looks drunk on skates

  15. Says:

    Damn so many crazy tough tricks in this edit.
    Jon might be a strange kid but the guy can skate with the best of them.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    LOLOLOL what can jon jon or montre do that cj cannot?

  17. GiB Says:

    what an idiot … for u rollerblading is doing same shit like others?
    Everyone presents himself! And this is best thing in rollerblading!

  18. Wow Says:

    Couldnt love this kid more. Finally a progressive, impressive rollerblader

  19. Rafael Says:

    There’s no point on comparing diferent skaters (just my opinion)

    All i see here is a great edit from a sick skater!

  20. Anonymous Says:

    jon jon is my fucking idol, him and joey.

  21. Urbn^nja Says:

    and I don’t talk to dicks.

  22. Dawn Says:

    that was sick! His style seems even better now than it was before. Nice one!

  23. gazmos Says:

    Great edit. This guy deserves his title as 2010 skater of the year.

  24. gazmos Says:

    I was talking about Bolino obviously.

  25. Anonymous Says:


  26. danny beer Says:

    ^hahahah i dont think so

  27. Anonymous Says:

    farthest thing from overrated, if any one one of you stupid fucking kids got off your computer and skated with jon jon in the fucking flesh then you would know just how unbelievably god damn good he is