Joey McGarry: Best of Mushroom Blading

Joey McGarry: Best of Mushroom Blading

As we continue to prepare for Mushroom Blading Volume 7 (obvious masterpiece), here are Joey McGarry‘s highlights from Mushroom Blading 1-6 and every edit since Better Than Baseball.

For all the lazy people who don’t watch full length videos (which is 99% of people).

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  • Guy de Guy

    I like it a lot! it was more entertaining than the stuff i had seen in the last 1.3 month!

  • Johnny Roboto

    merveilleux !


  • Anonymous

    Love the mushroom blading ethos!

  • Mother. Fucker.

    hahahahahhaha this guys cool as fuck, and his souls are bad ass

  • Mister Hater

    Fag. you make aggressive skating look like fagshit. fuck you :)

  • whoooo

    thats so cool. he is a true pioneer.

  • rich

    fuck yeah joey, that was sick

  • Anonymous

    Do you think?Is he gay?

  • Anonymous

    honestly, that was very strange…


    ifs he waz a jew, iz would gas him, but as hez not and hes an american, iz would call him a fag and have him like ze rest of the country, bumz eachoter to death! p.s ize had one ball, which look like hez face! ss

  • si

    I used to hate this mushroom blading now i fucking love it so much haha, makes me laugh. Can’t wait for the net one!

  • DarthRoller

    Mushroom Blading, to my eyes, is hit and miss, which is a pity.

    Some of it blows my mind to absolute bits and appeals way more than 540 kindgrinds or hurricane topsouls, other elements I’m not so fussed on.

    Seeing diversity of any sort though, the awesome and the less awesome, is brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    Really really cool :)
    So much fun !
    Keep on doing it your way dude :)

  • Anonymous

    Was prepared to hate on this, but this guys got mad skills and is clearly out there having too much fun, how can you hate! Nice one.

  • seaboss

    “word” to what darth roller said!
    love the diversity and enjoy every edit of canadians, my favorite rollerblading these days. reminds me so much of how it was when i started 17 years ago :-)

  • Thomas Martin

    Awesome. Would love to see a best of Todd next.

  • filip

    amazing. you guys are like the tim and eric of skating. some get it, some dont

  • Anonymous

    that was soooo awesome!!!!

  • bryan f

    Sick joey your the man

  • kboos

    fuck yeah, mushroom blading for ever!

  • jerk

    best mind in blading

  • ordinary jerk

    marvelous…. wonderful!! when your gums bleed… means your not doing it enough

  • hans Hey

    sick tricks, every one of em

  • Rick Danko

    Awesome! Keep doing what you’re doing. That one footed, sideways stair ride trick is insane. And nice use of Father John Misty. Richard Manuel also sends his regards.

  • Tom Cheung

    Well, that was shit………………………………………………………………..

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  • RichieRich from Utah

    some really hard tricks in there. and a lovely Canadian back drop. i love rollerblading. just have fun and blade kids

  • Al@n

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  • shittysanchez

    this is how i rollerblade when i’m on mushrooms

  • Marcus


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  • Mc Ghairry

    Your gay was a bit too Cheung
    please leave a Allan after the Todd
    this is a recording
    fuck you

  • Tri Tri Rudolph

    My inspiration… my idol ….. my love

  • peter

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