Joey Chase: Ground Control, GC.1 Section (2011)

2013 Repost.

Released in 2011, Ground Control GC.1 came to define a years worth of achievement from the blading community. Featuring a strong roster of talent from the team itself and directed by Simon Mulvaney, this film documents the story of the frames beneath the feet of each of the GC team.

Joey Chase: Ground Control, GC.1 Section (2011)

With the film coming to a close, Episode 11 gives us a brief insight into the insanity that is Joey Chase‘s blading.

From massive gaps and huge kinks, to incredible switch ups and tech tricks, we see just why Joey is considered one of the best street skaters in the world.

Song: Pentagram – Star Lady.
Ground Control GC.1: More Sections.

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  • Rewind

    soooo many of those tricks were shot from way too far away. ruined some of the amazing stunts

  • Anonymous

    the next one is aragon.

  • Anonymous


  • soul2roll

    Joey has been killing it for sooooo long! Guy is still amazing!

  • Skate hard

    We need more section like that!! This is what rollerblading is like!

  • germspuzzler

    it’s good to know that even if his rollerblading career doesn’t work out he can at the very least get a job with home depot as an expert on hammers.

  • Anonymous

    Okay this was one of the best sections I’ve seen in the past two years. This guy is a full on nose bleed pro. I just wish this industry had more money to pay him what he deserves making a section like that.

  • Anonymous

    so good, hes one of my personal favorites of all time

  • Anonymous

    A fucking mazing….. love this dude

  • Billy Idol

    Your comment was a bit….

  • Anonymous

    That was so fucking dope!!

  • lol!!


  • Anonymous

    OH DIOS!!!!!! O.O!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This guy knows what hes doing ! Badass fucking section !

  • Anonymous

    Jesus. Now if he doesn’t get recognition in rollerblading, I am going to take my skates, melt them down and drink the molten plastic. I have never seen a deal made out of this guy but he makes rollerblading look really amazing, because he goes hard. So solid, so fast. Like a CJ Wellsmore blended with a Sean Kelso and a Chris Haffey. Last trick – mental.

  • Omar

    Joey Fucking Chase bitchesssssssss

  • Anonymous

    crazy motherfuckin metal skating,i loved it

  • Anonymous

    lol…he just shit all over the Kelso edit above this.

  • Brandin Hunter

    I forgot how much a beast Joey was

  • EddieBX ETNO/LBC

    i dont wanna watch another section today… too much beast!

  • talent310

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. hot like fiya

  • Cody Sagona

    Legend. One of my favorites.

  • DarthRoller

    Haven’t watched a lot of Joey’s stuff in the past – good Lord that has to change.

    That was awesome.

    His Stale grabs are boss. He really stamps his style onto every trick he does.

  • Dan-Man


  • SPLK

    how sick was that?!?!?

    the last one is for the book of records:

    “the fastest way down GIANT set of stairs”

  • Ramelle Knight

    I would have had a section in that video too, but all my footage got lost in the post. I was so angry I started my own skate company as a result. Channeling energy into something positive and all that.

  • pom

    unquestionably one of my most favourite rollers of all time.

    not just awesome hammers, but back to back hammers in runs.
    legendary skating.

  • Scott Wilcoxson

    AO Top Porn on that drop rail was just… Last line was just… Hero.

  • Anonymous

    if i had a son i’d want him to grow up to be joey chase

  • Anonymous

    I laughed. Just because how crazy and redic his tricks were

  • 707Sav

    Completely filthy! Holy shit that was bad ass. Grabs out of tricks, 360 outs the hard ways, hammers galore, and techy shit. Powerhouse. You are a boss Joey Chase, keep it up. You make blading look GOOD.

  • Anonymous

    Pianowski 2? Some of those tricks were amazing

  • Anonymous

    he is untouchable !!

  • rod

    jon elliot 2.0. Sick skating.

  • Dave Barnes

    ^^^Hillarious! Elliot couldnt even piss in Joeys shadow! More like Feinburg 2.0!